Friday, 29 June 2012


I've been a good boy all week with D so he left me at home yesterday so that I could go to agility with M last night.

BUT it was CANCELLED!!! Oh no! This silly weather is really getting us down, up here. The field is water logged and the sheds are still full of animals so there was no where for us to go, and to top it off I've heard M's going away for a couple of weeks so I wont be able to go to agility then either!

D had better make up for it!

M has finally bought my birthday pressie though I've just got to wait for it to be delivered now and then persuade M to take a piccy to put on here.

M has also bought so iron-on-transfer paper so she can add the words "in training please ignore me!" on the back on my 2 coats, so that we can practise me being ignored and not getting any fuss (i'm not convinced about that!)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Another award

Wow, another award from my friend Jesse! How lucky am I?!

This time I received the Sunshine Award - for a blog that brings sunshine to your day

The rules are 
1) answer 7 questions
2) pass onto up to 10 blogs
3) let them know they've got the award

Well for the time being I'm not going to award this award, although I have a few favourites in mind I've just not got the time with D not being at work.

So here's the answers to the 7 questions at least...

1. What is your favorite number?
       Three - cause its like ready, steady, go - which is my favourite fetching command!

2. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage?
      Well I know its naughty but I LOVE milk - but M waters it down for my tummy

3. Facebook or Twitter?
      M & D both do Facebook and my doggy mum Holly Dog has her own Facebook page

4. What is your passion?
     FOoooooooooood, oh and fuss and a bit of sleep
5. What is your favorite pattern?
     Circles - and big ones. Thats the shape I run in when I'm dead excited

6. What is your favorite day of the week?
    Saturdays, cause M & D are both off work and we always do something good

7. What is your favorite flower?
    I'm not really a flower dog, but I do like my greens - eating them that is hehehe!

Monday, 25 June 2012

A whole week

Well its been a whole week since I managed to get to the computer and gosh how its flown by.

I am absolutely exhausted! D has been taking me to the yard everyday with him as he is on holiday from work and we've been tidying and fixing cars and chasing balls and jumping jumps, and seeing lots of new people. I havent had a moments sleep this week during the day which is very strange for me! I like my sleep.

This weekend M joined us at the yard and we loaded loads of stuff on the trailer and then went to sell it, which means I met more people and got some fuss (which is great) and I saw some other doggies, who I really wanted to play with! 
We did get really wet though as its raining and raining and raining up here is scotland at the moment. It was sunny this morning so hopefully I can get to do some sunbathing today while D works, cause he's got another week off work!

Monday, 18 June 2012


Thanks for the birthday messages!!

You should notice that you can now post messages on my blog without the silly captia, much more people/dog friendly ;-)

Don't know how much I'm going to blog over the next couple of weeks because D's on holiday which means instead of being left at home during the day I'll travel with him wherever he goes - much more fun, but I'll be shattered with no sleep!

Exciting day on Saturday it was Dumfries Guid Nychburris, which is our big annual carnival. (its pronounced good neighbours M says)
This meant the D decided to hitch the trailer on the landrover and decorate it all so we could be in the parade.. and we won 1st commercial vehicle! and we got a shiney cup.
There were lots of very big lorries, with lots of loud music and people dressed up funny and dancing, and some pipes & drums but I was a very good boy and wasnt scared by any of it. 
There were even some horses dressed up.. but M didnt get any photos of them.

During the parade I slept in the back of landrover while M & D and their friends T & R waved at all the crowds.

Friday, 15 June 2012


I had a lovely birthday yesterday... got loads of treats and M has said that as a pressie I'll get a new coat for the winter.

Went to agility and even D came to act as judge and photographer! everyone behaved very well although we did all want to say hello to D!

Afterwards we all got a piece of birthday cake which was yum.. no pics of us eating it cause it went too quick says M...

Then for tea I got the rest of the cake - it was scrummy!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to Cadbury
Happy Birthday to me!!!

A big 2 yrs today and M's made me a cake which I cant have till agility tonight so I can share it will all my buddies!!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Road trip

Us doggies all seem to be making road trips at the moment, although mine was definitely a lot shorter than Jesse's (see his blog)

D was off work yesterday so he bundled me in the car and set off to pick his mum.. I've never been on a road trip with L so it was quite exciting..
D did get told off by M when we got home though cause he forgot to put my harness on so he couldn't attach me to the seat belt - naughty D!

We swapped cars after picking up L into the orange truck and D attached the trailer as well, we then drove a couple of hours before I had a break at somewhere called IKEA and D and L had lunch and picked up some meatballs which smelled really nice!

We drove a bit further and then D had to drive another truck onto the trailer, back in the car and we drove through to our friends house (they were both at work) to pick up a boat trailer which also got put onto our trailer!

With all this stuff we drove back home and dropped everything off at the yard, but I was pooped watching the world go by all day so once I go home I put myself in bed for a couple of hours till dinner. woofilious

then D took me out for a walk in the rain AGAIN!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Got the computer back

So M's finally home and I really did miss her!!!
I gave her lots of kisses and a big waggy tail when she walked in.. I think she appreciated it. xx

I've had a very quiet time while M's been away. D has been working and although he's given me lots of walks we were told not to go too far so my darn leg could heal. Which I'm glad to say it has, its looking lovely although the hair has not grown back yet..

Thursday night agility was cancelled because the weather was soo bad which was good cause M was away..

Friday me and D got absolutely drenched going for my evening walk - we really didnt go far at all cause it was miserable but the weekend hasnt been too bad.. 
M has said that I need to stop trying to eat the cauliflowers before they're ready though - but they smell good! I like to eat my greens!

M has just whispered to D that its soon my birthday I wonder if i'll get another cake, the last one was delicious! I'll be whole 2 years old then!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Busy Weekend

Well my leg is getting better which meant that I did manage to get to agility on Friday and Saturday and to gundogs on Sunday phew!

However things did not go well...

Friday night I was only allowed to jump little jumps in case I made my leg bad again but I was so excited cause M had kept me quiet over the previous few days so I did lots of running around, but it made me feel better.

Saturday was a looooong day, M got me up and in the car and then we drove a long way  to see lots of dogs and Anne. I was entered into 3 classes spread across the whole day so there was lots of waiting around and meeting people and dogs, everyone was really friendly.
I really tried hard to listen to M but the judges seemed really nice people so I went to say hello, which meant I was disqualified on all three classes. Thankfully M was really pleased with me though cause I ignored all the other dogs and I did come back and listen to her after meeting the judges and finished with clear rounds.
So M says I've got to practise ignoring people now...

Sunday was soooo exciting I really couldnt concentrate sorry D! I didnt sit and wait so I found it really hard to find the things I was meant to retrieve and my heal work sucked cause there were lots of interesting smells to investigate.. I promise I try harder next time!

Now M is going away for a few days so there probably wont be any posts cause she's nicking off with the computer so I'll update when she gets back.


Friday, 1 June 2012

Ouch Woof

Woof Wooooooof!!!
M sprayed my poorly leg today with something that apparently will make it better - I think not it really really hurt!!!

but I got a treat for being a brave boy.. agility training tonight possibly, but only small jumps M says.