Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Media Day

So M works at a school and yesterday was Media Day...

Everyone was asked to record their daily lives for one whole day.

M took this too far and decided to strap a camera to me for agility training!! Thankfully she didnt leave it on for too long but here is the final film...

Watch out for my mad Banzai at the beginning - WARNING it may make you feel sea sick!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Hmm Yummy

M made me a delicious treat yesterday - although by the look on her face she wont be making it again....

She found a wonderful recipe for  Liver cake on the interweb and thought she would cook me up some for when I'm training...

Well she managed ok with mixing it all up
1kg liver
4 eggs
400g flour

and then popped it in the oven at 150oC for 2 hours....

It all smelt truely scummy but the smell started to make M feel a little queasy! By the time she'd washed up the mixer she needed a sit down and when it came to take the cake out the oven she had to hold her breath!!! and all I could do was take the loooovely smell in!!!

She put it in a box to cut up this morning as she thought the smell would have gone away - well it kinda had but she still found it tricky to do... I'll enjoy it while it lasts!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


So M was feeling quite sorry for herself yesterday...

My most favorite choccy lab, Bramble who belongs to A, went to see a lovely dog named Hunter (I would have been very jealous but I cant do what he can - if you catch my drift) a few weeks ago.

M and A were very excited and were keeping all their fingers and toes crossed as A would love Bramble to have a choccy litter and M & D would like me to have a brother - hahaha I didnt think they'd want to put themselves through that again...

Anyway yesterday Bramble when to be checked by the lovely vet man and he did something called a scan which shows whether or not there are pups inside.... Unfortunately they couldnt see any pups! I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for a brother I think.

Oh but dont tell M I know - they've been whispering all this thinking I cant hear!! They were going to surprise me.....

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I Won!

On Sunday was the final of the fun agility series M has been taking me to over the winter... She had her fingers crossed that I was a good boy!

It worked slightly different than the other days, as there were only two courses - an agility and a jumping course. Winners would be decided by combining these scores - so consistency counts!
There were also practise runs of both courses which M said would suit me I could have "mad moment" if necessary in the practise..

I was on my best behaviour and M took me round the practise ring for the agility - no silly moments, completed the course, knocking down one pole! So she kept her fingers crossed and stayed calm and I completed the timed round, in the time and with no faults!! She was amazed and so proud of me! In combined 1-2 graded large I was 2nd place in the agility...
The practise for the jumping went even better with not a pole down and a lovely entry into the weave, and again M kept calm and I had a lovely timed run although it was a bit slow M said (I stopped for a look around at the top of the A-frame). So with only a few seconds in it I came 3rd in the jumping!
So overall in grades 1-2 large I was the only dog to have 2 clear rounds which meant I came 1st!

A and M have never let out such big screams before. M was sooooo proud of me and gave me loads of treats and hugs, I even got a big bone when I got home!! Maybe I'll try harder from now on if I get food out of it!

Me and my 1st ever trophy!!

Monday, 4 March 2013


Not mine, but M's!

We got visitors too - M's p's came up for the weekend and look what they brought with them...

A stunning birthday cake! Unfortunately I wasnt allowed any :-(