Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Cadbury's World....

H and S (aka mum and dad), Cadbury and Maverick

Woofs and licks hope Santapaws brings you lots of pressies and you have a pawsome time with your human families!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bring on Christmas

So, with Christmas around the corner M had her christmas obedience party, and decided to take Maverick (humph!)

It was going to be BIG as there are now 20 dogs taking classes with the obedience group...

We had party games, fancy dress, presentations of awards and even a visit from santa for the pawsome doggies..

Here's maverick in his prize winning outfit...

Maverick has also now completed his final agility competition of 2015 and even though he travelled with L and Willow again this time his performance was not good....
He had some really nice bits but due to the weather it was difficult to go out for exercise and he's really turned off to weaves... more practise over the holidays M thinks!!

 This lovely weather turned into 4-5 inches of snow and with no snowploughs or gritters anywhere to be seen a 1 3/4 hr journey took 4 hours to get home.... roll on January!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Well I don't know where the last couple of months have gone, they have flown by and M says we are nearly at Christmas...

We are both still competing and M was very proud of Maverick who managed to complete his first full competition without any eliminations..

Here is a video of his first clear, thanks to L and Willow (M thinks Willow is a calming influence as we car shared to the competition this time)

I however have been even better last weekend I competed just for one day as it was a busy weekend and out of my four runs I managed four 1st!

M was ecstatic and especially so when she realised that I'd won out of grade 2 to grade 3!! (unfortunately that does mean that Maverick is also grade 3)

Maverick has one more competition before Christmas and then its onto the New Year....

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Finally Agility Videos

Here are some video's from a few weeks ago....

These are Cadbury's..

and Maverick's.... as you can see he really struggles with concentration!!


Monday, 28 September 2015

2nd Birthday

So, M still hasnt managed to upload the video's from the last agility comp and we've had another one on Sunday!!!

However, Saturday was Maverick's 2nd Birthday!

Maverick deciding not to look at the camera..
As his breeder is so close by we decided that we would have a birthday party, unfortunately some of the puppies are now quite a way away, so there were 4 out of 7. Maverick, Bailie, Willow and Holly were there, and missing were Angus, Bungle and Hamish.
Holly and Maverick

Bailie and Maverick

All of us posing for a piccy - arent we good!!

We all had a really long walk and play, and then our humans had a BBQ - it smelt really nice, here we are lining up to get some goodies...
L-R: Willow, Bramble (Mum), Holly, Cadbury (step brother), Maverick, Tay (step sister), Bailie 

M had made us a doggy birthday cake, which we all took quite carefully although M did end up with bitten fingers!!

Maverick, Willow, Tay, Bramble, Cadbury and Holly - dont know where Bailie is??

Cadbury, Holly, Bramble, Willow, Maverick

The humans cleared up while we all had another play, then we all went home for well earned sleep. Thanks A, C, J, M and D!

Sunday was an agility comp - just a fun one where we train.  I got a 3rd and a 1st in agility, but Maverick didnt get anything!! 


M was a bit annoyed with him in the morning as he was running round being silly, but by the afternoon he'd calmed down a bit but his agility course was very difficult so M decided she would change it so that he could have a positive run. She was pleased that he managed most of the difficult turns.
Thanks to J for the pics - M says its getting difficult to tell us apart in pics now as Maverick is jumping so well.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Catch up

Well whats been happening.....

M has been out with Maverick again trying to swim/bank hop but unfortunately the tide was too low to do much of either but she's going to try and go back for another go, M did find there was bits of quick sand so it will be easier with a higher tide.

Maverick has also been to another agility comp, with better success although he still would like to go off and see everyone but hes getting better.

Maverick has also been to a gundog scurry, which he did very well coming top 10 in the novice one day and the 7th in the open the next. A scurry is a timed retrieve of a dummy. In the novice class it is a fired shot then dummy thrown into undergrowth (past a foot height fence) which is retrieved, in the open class it is a fired shot with a dummy thrown and then as the dog is bringing it back a second is thrown in its place which they then have to retrieve 'blind'.
M is trying to find out whether she and Maverick can take part in a shoot picking up later in the season - that's exciting!

The full height jumps came out at training last night as both Maverick and I (Cadbury) have got a competition at the weekend. Its local so no camping but its all weekend, its also inside so we don't have to deal with the weather which this summer has been terrible!

M said I was very good last night she even managed to do some distance handling which she didn't think she could do, so she's hoping that I stay confident in the ring and jump well.
Maverick also managed full height last night although he was so enthusiastic that he ended up hitting the top of the tyre jump and biting his tongue - bless him!

He also had various other scraps from his energetic style last night but M was still happy with his progress he was up for listening instead of running off to the other dogs (apart from when we went off to do 'our own thing')

M's just got to remember to have fun at the weekend - we're going to video the runs so I'll post them on here next week.

Friday, 24 July 2015


M has decided that as its summer and her evenings are becoming more free, that she would use the time to take Maverick swimming.

In his last gundog trials he's been apprehensive about swimming in currents and he's also not jumping well in agility so it should help build his muscles without too much strain on his joints.

Maverick has been down to the beach a couple of times and thoroughly enjoys running in and out of the waves but the gradient is too shallow to be able to swim easily so M took him for the first time down to our local river on monday night.... M put on her wetsuit so she could go in for moral support and maverick enjoyed himself but would still only swim out a few strokes before turning back.

Last night M & D were both free so they decided they'd  take us both down to the river so that I could show Maverick the ropes (I LOVE THE WATER!)

Heres some video...D was not dressed for swimming so was on the bank staying dry!!

I apologise for M's bad throwing - she was getting very caught up in the long line...

Mavericks getting far more confident so M's going to do one more solo session and then move places so she can do some bank jumping practise..

Friday, 3 July 2015


Its been a while so I think we maybe need to do a catchup on what's been happening....

The weather has definitely been a mixed bag, with wind, rain, scorching sunshine and some thunderstorms mixed in.
We've all been busy as always with training, competitions and field tests.

Maverick became a model for the day...

The agility club did a fab demo whilst Maverick completed his first gundog test

More from the demo

As the weather got warmer Mavericks Tongue got longer...

and when he couldn't cope any longer...

he had a lie down...

Cadbury turned the ripe old age of 5!!

He waited patiently for his birthday cake cup and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Maverick and Cadbury are sharing bones 1hrly

Maverick got a shock.....


and Cadbury has been going to work more often to have more runs in the fields!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


The weather has been fantastic so M & D have been taking us on more walks....


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My first competition

Maverick here....

It was my first competition on Saturday!!! and.... it was great fun!!

I was only jumping at medium height as I've only just turned 18 months and M wanted me to have fun, but she was very impressed....

I was there with A and Bailie (my full brother), J and Mink, Timmy & Shay, and G and Baz (or Barnabus)

Sorry I couldn't keep still!!


Had to watch everyone it was exciting

I had 4 courses to do and it was very tiring to concentrate all day but I tried my hardest and there were soooo many other dogs to make friends with.

Heres some video of my runs...

and just to prove any type of dog can compete heres a video of Daisy a Newfoundland...


Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Winner

Cadbury here finally...

M has been on holibobs and so has evicted us off the laptop!!

However I have just managed to pop on to say at my last agility competition I won!!!

I won 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd which means I move out of grade 1 into grade 2...

M was very impressed and almost cried!! We still haven't managed a clear agility win yet but M says its coming...

That was the last official indoor show of the season so we've got a couple of fun shows before the outdoor season starts and we'll see how we go!

Maverick's first ever competition happens at the end of March, when he's running in a nursery competition and then an anysize competition meaning he can jump medium jumps instead of full height to see how he copes.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Still snow

Well the paws weren't crossed tight enough and the snow and ice has stuck around so we've not been out to agility in a while!! and Cadbury has got a competition in 2 weeks time, it may not go well!

Maverick here.. seeing as I've been out most days with M at lunchtime enjoying the snow I managed to remind her to use her camera although the pics she's taken make me look more like a black lab than the true choccie I am..

and I told M she should show where we live as well, so here are some pics of our journey to work, it looks more spectacular in real life!


Friday, 30 January 2015


WooHooo we got snow.....

snowing at the office
Maverick finally experiencing snow... he decided to try to eat each snowflake before it hit the ground

Us 2 having fun

Sorry its sideways M hasn't figured out how to sort it out!!
Its stopped snowing now and its sunny but its still cold so M thinks the snow is going to stick around for a few days... hopefully it will be clear enough for us still to go to agility on Sunday!! paws crossed..