Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fun Times

I spent most of the weekend at Wispa's house cause D was working and M had a party to attend - I think I would have really enjoyed the party but I wasnt invited but it meant I got to play for hours!

I love playing and I've finally worked out how to beat Wispa at a game of tuggy - she's got weight on her side! Whenever she plays she always sticks a foot over the tuggy so she has more leverage but if I stand up and wrap the tuggy round her she falls over! hehe

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Thought I was going to have another boring night last night as M got the ironing board out!

I did try and get her to play instead but she wasn't having any of it - something about not having any clothes for work.

After about an hour of this silliness, she got bored and decided to take me for a walk to meet D. This was great cause I haven't been out down town for a while, so I caught up on all the sniffs.

When we got to the pink building there were loads of cars which is unusual so I started getting really excited but M wouldn't let me go in until I'd settled down.
There were no other pawsome friends but lots of pack leaders that I hadn't seen in a while and they all gave me fuss and played tuggy with me - yey!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Messing around

Its been a whole week since I last did agility as M was busy at the weekend.

Its been quite a quiet week with no visitors, and M & D are in and out all the time at the moment, so I grab my chances of play as soon as they walk in the door. 

Last night there was Bonnie, Bonnie (yes there are 2), Shey, Tag, Bob and myself at agility - Roxy has had to have a toe nail removed (Ouch) so she is resting at the minute - I hope she's better for the fun show in October.

We started on the weaves again tonight - great fun! Although M cant understand why I will only do weaves in one direction? Very strange.

We then moved onto contacts, and being able to choose a contact piece by name only - M was using what she called bribery by this point cause I was sniffing around the hen poo.... it tastes lllooovely! but not as tasty as M's treats!
I did do the tyre, see-saw and the a-frame sort of by name but I don't like the see-saw inside, it bangs really hard on the concrete and slides around if I go too fast.

Then Anne suggested that we try some handling techniques over the jumps - this was really for the pack leaders rather than us pawsome dogs, so what they had to do was run up the far side of one set of jumps, and as we turned at the top they had to run through the two sets of jumps to the far side ready to run down the opposite side of the jumps.

We also did a send away over 3 jumps - starting by placing a treat or a toy for me at the end of the jumps and sending us to it - it was great fun. Then M sent me away without the toy at the end and I did it, cause I knew she'd give me a treat at the end.. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Coming on nicely

Agility moved from Thursday to Tuesday this week so M bundled me in car and off we went...

When we got to A's she said the field was really boggy from all the rain (pesky stuff) but the cows were in the field so we could use the sheds instead - no big jumps though cause of the concrete floor!

A has something called a channel weave which is too sets of 6 weaves which you can stand side by side and move closer together until you have a straight 12 pole weave. She said we would start on this. We all took it in turns there was me, tag, bonnie, meg and bob, apart from the fact I scared Meg we all did really well.
A made sure the weaves were quite tight but not straight cause none of us are beginners any more and once we'd got the hang of going through the weaves she added in a jump at the beginning and a tunnel at the end.
We then moved on to starting with a jump on the opposite side of the weave entry and coming back up the weave from the tunnel just to make it a bit trickier!

It was starting to get dark so we moved into a shed with lights to try directed contacts. We got the pack leaders to put the see-saw and the A-frame side by side and then they had to direct us to the correct contact from a couple of metres away. This was hilarious cause to be honest we all like going over the a-frame but not so much the see-saw (cause it moves around)

Then it was time to look at jumps and the dog walk, the pack leaders kept it simple and directed us to the dog walk from a distance which we all got cause we like that one, and then we did some directional work on the jumps using left and right (thats ok as long as the humans can get it right!). We finished off with the pack leaders 'sending us on' so they stand at our sides and then tell us to go and we have to keep jumping the jumps in front of us till they tell us to stop and they stand still. It's tricky cause we all like to be with our humans for direction, but we are improving they keep telling us. We all got lots of treats yum!

Monday, 10 September 2012


M & D went to work on Thursday and left me surprisingly without my dog door open?? 

Confused I was until C arrived - YIPPEEEE i thought someone to play with me. I was trying to entice him with every toy I could find but no, C did not want to play. Instead he very handily broke up lots of bits of wood for me to play with?!

Well M & D would call them windows and he was replacing them but he could of at least had a break to play!

On Friday he came back again and again I tried my best to get him to play but no I had to wait for M & D to get home from work. M took me to agility but I wasnt in the mood I just wanted to gallop around the field and fun with my doggy pals!!

So Saturday and Sunday M took my weaves to the yard so I could practise in a bigger area... here I am jumping and entering a weave all by myself...

I also had a mad moment that M managed to capture on camera but I've run out of time so I'll pop those pictures on tomorrow...


Thursday, 6 September 2012

A whole week

Well its been a long week here on my own, and I've been loving it!!

I didnt go to agility cause it was really bad weather and M was feeling well but the weather cleared at the weekend so M was out at the yard and I was there with my ball.

 I was a very good boy and didnt wander off too far or go hunting for bunnies, cause M kept throwing my ball for me..

I needed the shade and a cool drink though cause it was really sunny!!

M also took me to some new woods for a walk I thought they were pawsome, M kept me on a long line though cause the water was too tempting for me and it was fast flowing.... I'll get M to post some pics next time..