Thursday, 26 April 2012


Went for another fab walk last night, back to the river and the woods, and this time M let me off in the big field so I could stretch my legs - I was very good, even when I startled a couple of ducks I ran back when she called.

I found a BIG stick in the woods - it was longer than me but not too heavy. 
sorry the pictures not good - M was trying not to get hit by my stick.... Thought I would try out Spotty's past time. It was awesome!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Fab walkies yesterday...
M got home early and we played football in the garden - well my version anyway.. ;-)

Then M settled down to watch the TV and I had a kip - playing football is very tiring!

Anyway a bit later M switch the TV off and got her coat on. I thought we were going for a walk so I got all excited... well, this was no ordinary walk - no, M put me in the car and took me to the woods and the river. yippeee. 
I wasnt allow off the lead though so I had to listen very carefully to M so that I didnt pull her down the slippy bank into the river... I would have looooved a swim, but she said no cause the car was so full of stuff that I was sitting on the back seat and she didnt want her car THAT dirty. HUMPH! maybe soon though.

Excellent adventures though, I got to roll in a couple of really good stinky patches and try and sniff out some Rabbits.
 I know Jesse would be better at that than me, but practise makes perfect.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The usual

Nothing unusual, although D was off work yesterday so took me to the yard - yay!
and then to meet all the normal green folk.

Long sleep today though as noones around....

Friday, 20 April 2012


Oo the look of the posting site has changed...
I had a nice walk with M down to a different park on Wednesday with my frizbie, and ran and ran and ran till I was out of breath and needed a lie down....

Last night was agility and it was nice weather! I did get a little distracted by the cows in the next field though - they were VERY noisy!
I did have a few mad moments too as I havent had a goood run around recently but M didnt mind cause I didnt involve the other dogs.

I get the feeling I might be back on weave training at the weekend though - they didnt go well.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

more to the story

So after the field trials we all got back in the car and drove for ages, along country roads...

I was of course dozing on top of the table in the back.

We stopped and M got me out the car, and suddenly the table disappeared and I had the whole boot to sleep in - yippeeee...

Yesterday was meant to be a D day (going to work with D) but he had to go on another loooong road trip so I stayed at home. M put something wonderful in my kong to keep me busy all day but it didnt take me long to lick it all out. Yum!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Ooo sorry was dozing yesterday so didnt get to update about the weekend...

Well Friday night M need to take her small car back to the garage cause its still not working properly apparantly so I had a nice sleep next to her on the passenger seat - I dont get to do that in their other cars!

The saturday I got a trip back to the garage in bobs car but in the boot this time... hmm it smelt of Wispa but she wasnt allowed to come. M spent a couple of hours fixing her car but wouldnt let me go and play with Merlin and Basil, not even when Roland came to borrow the trailer was I allowed to say hello - but I made sure Merlin and Basil knew I wasnt happy with my big bark!!!
I did manage to get back to see Wispa for a go play session in the afternoon though.

On Sunday M & D got up early and bundled me in the car - but it was very uncomfortable cause there was already a table in the boot that I had to sleep on top of.. We drove for ages and then parked in a field full of sheep.... hmm I wondered what was going on and then I saw Roland and Merlin yippee and Rebecca and her little pup. M & D disappeared for a while and when they came back they took me out into another field with lots of other dogs, we were meant to sit and wait, and then get our P's to walk to heal - hahaha M & D have never walked to heal, they always wander off when I'm sniffing sheep stuff.

Anyway M & D put me back in the car and disappeared I've no idea what was going on but they seemed excited so I left them to it... a bit later they came back and got me out of the car, they got me to do a series of 'tests' called field trials. 

very strange to be honest but the first one was a bloke Coo-ing like a pigeon on the far side of the stream and then dropping a toy. D told me to go and fetch it so I did, but I didnt take it back to him cause the stream was loooovely! Havent been in water since last summer and it was soo nice!

The second one was I had to wait while a bloke through a toy in a pond and then D told me to go and fetch it.. that was ok but I couldnt work out how to get in the pond there were loads of reeds, nasty.... got it eventually.

The third one was I had to wait with D at the bottom of a hill and then a lady threw a toy into the pond at the top of the hill and D told me to fetch it - this one I managed ok.

The fourth one we didnt manage to do cause M & D had to be somewhere else with the table (i'll explain a bit later) but that was a bloke about 500yds throwing a toy into tall grass and I think D would have wanted me to find it.
Anyway I suppose it was fun - got to meet lots of doggies..

M had her camera by the way to capture all of this but completely forgot to get it out!!! I just cant train these humans you know.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Rain and a bit more rain

So agility was cancelled on Tuesday because of the rain and high winds, so last night was agility. When we got to the farm..... with roxy, tag, meg, bob and their mates it was lovely weather a spring like evening, so M left her waterproofs in the car and went to find Anne.

There were cows everywhere!!! Anne had kicked them off the field so we could setup the agility course along with the sheep but I didnt get to see them - I could hear them though!

By the time M had helped Anne, Jan and Susan setup the course (Anne's got a fab new course book) it had started to spit so when she came back to the car to get me on went the waterproofs - I think its funny when she rustles.....

One run round the course and the rain was pouring I was getting all wet but I didnt mind - I got a bit giddy cause I love the rain, and I could hear the farm over the hill shooting - I whinned and whinned but M wouldnt let me go and play. I did do all my jumps and obstacles although the a-frame and dog walk are half height so I missed the contacts on the way up.... leaping up them thinking they were higher....

and... I did a really good weave... or so M said I also managed to eat quite a lot of sheep muck MMmmmmm lovely!
So back in the car we were both absolutely soaked, M thinks we must both be mad but I had loads of fun... exciting weekend coming up as well, tell you about on Monday.

this is me the first time i went to the yard with D - about 11 weeks.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quiet Week

Well I'm having a very quiet week, M & D are both back at work - although I dont think D was yesterday but he left me at home anyway...

I'm not too bothered to be honest the weather has been terrible - it even rained indoors yesterday - M had to clean up when it rained through the dog flap! No it was not me having an accident.

No agility last night - its been moved to tomorrow cause of the weather, hopefully it wont be too wet.

Monday, 9 April 2012


I did it!!!!! Yippeeee M was sooo pleased with me :-)

I managed to jump all the full height jumps and apart from 'meeting' the judges I followed the course!
I did however sniff out a really nice dead pigeon half way round the course.... ooopps

I realllly enjoyed it, but i'm really tired and enjoying a lovely day sleeping - even though M's home she's letting me sleep.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

This week

Another week when I havent managed to get on the computer... but I spent the weekend at the yard with M & D and even managed to get myself photographed in a photo shoot for the business - i'll post some pics when I can get M to get them off the other computer...

M was off work on monday and so was D so I spent loads of time with them. M was trying to practise my weaves again but to be honest I wasnt really interested, I found a loverly puddle to cool off in (M wasnt happy she'd just washed me)

Agility wasnt on on Tuesday humph, cause the weather wasnt great - snow showers and high winds.... the jumps wouldnt stay upright! so M says she'll practise on Friday cause I've got another competition on Saturday.
The weather is not that nice - i've lost most of my coat and now i'm feeling chilly - I hope the sun comes back soon!