Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Missed yesterday, sorry

was busy - sleeping! My favorite past time!!

I wish Christmas would hurry up, not much happening at the moment, although mum did try and build some jumps for me at the weekend, very nice of her, cause she knows I enjoy it and we have missed a few training sessions recently with her busy schedule!

This is me at my first (and only competition) I think I need a bit of practise!

Monday, 19 December 2011


Mummy woke me up this morning humph!!

First time ever she's managed to sneek up on me - I was having a lovely ol dream and suddenly all the lights were on.

I quickly opened an eyelid to see if food was about but no such luck, so I took my time getting up, no point rushin is there..

 I dont sleep like this any more - I like to curl up in a ball now....

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Missing a Day

I was locked in the kitchen yesterday cause next door were having work done (they needed to get through my garden!) but they gave me a walk and a bit of fuss.

Mum and Dad have had a Christmas move around and but things in strange places and moved the big sparkly green tree... I just dont know where I should lie now. and they keep hoovering which I DONT like, I try to tell it off for being sooooo noisy but I get told off - I just dont get it?!

There were doggies on the news this morning, I was watching them run around. I wanted to join in but they wouldnt let me...

Looking forward to CHristmas now cause I'm staying at my grandma and grandads with dad - should get spoilt rotten and I get to chase Wispa

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Now who thought worming tablets were a good idea??

They are HORRIBLE - mum tried to hide them in my dinner last night but I found them hahaha

She tried again this morning but soaked everything in water so it all went soggy! I'm trying to eat my breakie but it tastes all funny

 Thinking back to my 1st birthday I had the bestest treat - a birthday cake all to myself with fruit and veg and yoghurt (all the nice things)

Monday, 12 December 2011


Not much happened over the weekend, just the usual food, walks and sleep so I thought
I would take you back to my first Photo shoot... 
Mum's dad is very good at taking photos but he'd never had to photograph me before....

I tried to be good but I just couldnt sit still - the big shiney thing he was holding was reallly interesting.


Friday, 9 December 2011

Weather P2

Mummy did make me go out last night - TWICE!!

It was howling a gale, right in my ears but she didnt care... she did put my coat on though so I was warm and could be seen in the dark...

Chasing leaves.....

See below when I first got my coat, it only just fits now - maybe I'll get a new one from that christmas bloke >

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Blimey, I'm not going out today!! 
Mum opened the door this morning for my morning toilet break and I was almost blown off my feet.

I would post a picture of the weather but unless it taken out of the window its not going happen.
Glad I can curl up on my lovely bed and sleep all day!

Suppose Mum will force me out for a walk later.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Handing over

So mum & dad have handed the blog over to me (cadbury) I am finally old enough to be able to read and write
 As mum & dad forgot to say I am a Chocolate Labrador.... and I love my food. I am now 17 months old and I'll whisper this bit i've had the snip whatever that means. I also have a bestest friend called Wispa - also a chocolate lab but a lovely girl!!

Thats wispa at the back and my wonderful backside.
There is loads more happened in my life but I'll keep putting bits in as we go.


 Me (Cadbury) and my favourite snuggle toy - mum & dad didnt realise it had 2 squeekers in til almost 2 months after I got this.... I love it.
Can you tell I like helping mum & Dad with work - but its all very tiring, plus it hard work growing into my big paws.
At 4 months Cadbury had an awful accident which sent him to the vets....

thankfully cadbury LOVES the vets...

one broken leg later and he's now on 6 weeks crate rest... yeh right, a 4 month old lab told he's not allowed to run around, bounce etc

Luckily, his leg healed well and he was soon out for short walks again and finally attending puppy class. Time to meet loads of new friends.

and he grew

Over the next few weeks, his personality started to shine.
Very laid back, a perfect yard dog, quiet and snuggly.

In the beginning

Blaze (Cadbury) is dog number 1 in our household. First weekend he was home, he spent it with the in-laws meeting them, whilst we (H&S) tried to think of a new name...
He was soooo laid back he couldn't be a blaze...
and so after much deliberation he became Cadbury.