Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Proper snow

Well we finally had some more snow - which lasted a whole 8 hours! before it was rained away but plenty of time for fun!!

 Rear Banzai!!

 Banzai with my ball

I do love my ball - even in the snow....

The only problem with the snow is that I cant go to agility training!!

Friday, 25 January 2013


At last we have snow!!

Not much but enough for now - I had a banzai moment but M missed it!

Here are some pics

and its still snowing....hopefully more fun tomorrow!

A Wagging Tail

So still no snow - although the forecast sounds promising for tonight - so M says!

D has bought a new video camera - a helmet cam!! He decided to use me as dummy last night to see if it worked and as M only ever gives me pics to post I thought I take it and show you:

a) How waggy my tail is and
b) How big my wet nose is!!


Thursday, 17 January 2013


We had our first snow fall of this winter and in fact of this year, at the weekend...

 Yipppeee I thought and so did M, she thought we could have a lovely winter walk and take lots of pictures but it didnt last long enough.... not even a covering at home!

Paws crossed for some this weekend then I can have some fun!

Monday, 14 January 2013

New Years Adventures

More pic's of me and my new pals...

I was doing as asked and being a foot warmer!!!

The first weekend of the new year was also another agility comp... yeah it was a busy week and I even got to go to work with M that week as well.....

Unfortunately M didnt find anyone to take pic's of me, although everyone was impressed at my concentration that weekend and I managed to come 7th and 10th and with only two Eliminations! Not even for very silly things to be honest - I had too many refusals at a tunnel (there was a lovely smell) and the second one I missed the last pole of the weave but jumped the next jump, but M was still pleased.

Here's a new friend of mine - Rufus - he likes to run off out of rings so his human is trying really hard to go to competitions like this where the ring is enclosed while they work on his recall.
sorry its not a good picture - Rufus is really fast!!!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Christmas Adventures Part 3

So having spent time with the Grand-paws before I knew how to twist them round my big paw!
Even before M & D had sat down for dinner grand-d was trying to give me treats - will M soon put him in his place...

I did get a treat each day from grand-d, always after they had had lunch - if i'd been a good boy and not sat staring at the table! Its a good job I've had practise at that cause grand-m's food smelt loooooovely.

M had taken my new treat ball as she said it was the softest ball I had and grand-d can get a bit excited when he's playing ball - its a good job they dont have their own doggie yet! So we had lots of games of fetch each evening, although grand-m stop the game one night when I nearly took the TV out cause grand-d's aim was off!!

While we were down south M & D took me to visit a few people - we went to see R & E who visit us sometimes, although I stayed in the car that day as their house was full of E's presents - she's a very lucky girl!
We visited K & R and I got to investigate the house, and got lots of fuss - they even complimented me on my slim figure.

Then eveyone came to visit the grand-paws for dinner...


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas Adventures Part 2

I have the camera!!


 Me and My DUCK!


My DUCK and Wispa's Duck!!

My bag of treats and goodies from Santa Paws - I told you it was good!!

Me playing with my new treat ball - its excellent.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas Adventures Part 1

So with M & D back at work I'm beginning to recover from the lack of sleep over Christmas!

On Christmas day we had loads of people over for a very nice meal and Wispa came too! We even got some of the turkey and gravy - it was yummy and I got loads of fuss!

Here's a couple of pictures of what santa paws brought me....

Oh No M's done it again - Just gone to get the camera and she's run off with it again!!! OK I promise tomorrow there will be photos.

Anyway Santa Paws brought me a lovely new squeeky duck, a treat rubber ball and lots of nibbles - arent I a lucky boy.....

After all that M & D started packing, they had a big bag for themselves and then they popped my food, toys and treats in another bag and put them all in the car along with my bed and bowls.... Wow this was exciting they never pack my bowls as I have a travel one so I knew we were going far.......

A few hours in the car and we arrived at M's mum and dad's - yipppee I love it here. I went in for loads of fuss while M & D got all the stuff out the car...
M & D said we were going to be staying a few days... how exciting.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy 2013 everyone!!

I had a pawsome Christmas and Santa paws did visit so over the next few days when M & D disappear back to work and I get the computer back I'll post some pic's and tell you all about it.

Woofs for the next 12 months!