Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My first competition

Maverick here....

It was my first competition on Saturday!!! and.... it was great fun!!

I was only jumping at medium height as I've only just turned 18 months and M wanted me to have fun, but she was very impressed....

I was there with A and Bailie (my full brother), J and Mink, Timmy & Shay, and G and Baz (or Barnabus)

Sorry I couldn't keep still!!


Had to watch everyone it was exciting

I had 4 courses to do and it was very tiring to concentrate all day but I tried my hardest and there were soooo many other dogs to make friends with.

Heres some video of my runs...

and just to prove any type of dog can compete heres a video of Daisy a Newfoundland...