Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Slow Day

It was a slow day yesterday not like the past couple of weeks...
so I thought I would show you a pic from when I went on holiday with M & D - I got to wear my very own rucksack..

Hmm seems M has copied it somewhere I'll find it and let you see it later - its one Jesse will love bernertails.blogspot.com

Found it.....

Monday, 27 February 2012

Another week gone

Almost another week has gone and this one has been as exciting as the last one..
M was away for a couple of days so D took me to work with him on Thursday, he hasnt done that for ages!
I met up with Merlin and Basil for a go romp before I went to work though.

On  Friday I stayed at home but when D got back from work he bundled me in the car and we drove for hours till I was bursting for a wee!!!! (i also needed a no 2 cause I'd spent all day eating M & D potatoes out of the cupboard - naughty me ;-) ) We were stopping at something called a Travelodge, very nice people and lovely rooms! and M joined us, OOooo I didnt know she was going to be there, I was soo happy.

On saturday I got bundled into the car again but we didnt go too far before I was given a walk and then they left me to sleep for a couple of hours before they walked me again... then we swapped cars into M's (much more comfy) and went of to see my mummy (Holly Dog)

I had a good hour running around and getting fussies from my first mummy and my brother - M and Charlotte (my breeder) think me and my brother Marley must have been identical twins!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Couldnt get up this morning, very tired, will have to go back to bed now M & D have gone to work..


Didnt want to go this morning in the wind and rain its horrible, M even made me stand out in it for 1 1/2 hr last night doing agility - athough that was fun.

I was doing everything last night - forgot to slow down on the see-saw though and jumped off before it hit the ground - Oops. I did some good Outs and overs so M says - she gave me loads of praise.
I even tried my paw at a bounce - didnt go very well though, M didnt explain before I tried it the first time, but I just about managed it, knocking the last cross pole off with my foot. Completely missed it the second and knocked the second jump down by going under it, third time I took it slower and managed it! I get the feeling M will want to practise that once we get our jumps made.

M has entered me into a fun competition on March 18, cant wait and she's talking about entering me in a proper one later in the year, so excited cant stop wiggling!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Half Term

Where has the last week gone?? Havent posted for a while cause M & D have been off work and i've not been able to get on the computer.

M & D were working in the loft at the beginning of the week so I was left to sleep - yay!

We visited the yard a couple of times so I could catch up with Merlin and Basil but Roland had lots of customers so I couldnt go round and play.

On Tuesday night agility was really busy.... 9 people and 14 dogs - blimey! Hope its not that busy this week. I managed to show off my good weaves though...

On thursday M's parents arrived which was great! and they've stayed and they're still here!! They're great fun cause they play with me and let me lick their yoghurt pots!

Friday, 10 February 2012


Yes, this week has been full of disappointment!
Due to the rubbish weather, agility has been on and off like a yo-yo but basically its not happened any day this week.

and I wanted to show everyone how well i'm picking up the weaves!

Mum and dad have been taking me on walks though even though its freezing, and not a morning one because its been too slippy! No more broken bones for me please...

Mum went and picked up something called a windbreak?! Apparently she's got big plans to change it into a set of weaves instead of me using traffic cones. a job for the weekend i think, so i can run round the yard loads.

Off to the in-laws tonight so I can chase Wispa! yay

Monday, 6 February 2012


Well a bit for about 5 mins at least...
First of the season as well, you would never believe I live in Scotland!!
Hmm so this is cold and wet and i'm not sure about this...
 Tastes good though..

Me! eating snow, no! that wasnt me mummy!