Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

From all of us at Cadbury's World - Hope you all have a wonderful holidays.

Oh and here's my Christmas Pic....

Friday, 21 December 2012

Bah Hum bug

Well thanks guys for all your Christmas photos on your blogs... I know I said I looked good in a hat but M spent quite a while last night trying to take the 'right' photo for my blog, and I really wasn't in the mood.

It will appear here when I can get the camera off her.....

Monday, 17 December 2012

A weekend to myself

Ah, isn't it nice when you get a weekend to yourself..

Time when your pack leaders aren't telling you this and that

No practising weaving or jumping or recall

Just a snuggly warm bed - a kong filled with treats - a few toys and my own imagination!

D was away this weekend with the people dressed in green so i was left with M.... now I expected M to have me out training in all weather but no, she was busy too!
We had a quick walk on saturday morning which is unusual and then she popped me in the kitchen till really late (another unusual thing) but we spent time together when she got home and yes, she did make me practise my weaves then but she made it FUN!
Then a quick walk sunday morning, and again she popped me in the kitchen - this time with a bone! and D got back early but when straight to bed, he was sneezing all over the place... and then M came back and acutally paid me some attention!! Again the weaves were out but with the help of my cuddly bone it was great!

M has told me to say we are all ready for Christmas but she hasnt got round to taking piccies... when she does I'll pop them on... I look fab with a hat on!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh Dear!

Early Sunday morning M woke me and got all my things together for a competition... I'm getting used to this routine now, although I'm still not impressed by the early mornings!

We set off, and I settled down for a lovely sleep, but in no time we were stopping?! Stopping at A's farm!! Oh how exciting.... I thought we might be doing agility here but no M transferred me into A's car - never been in here before and Bob and Bonnie were in there too! So we all travelled the journey together!

M and A were very pleased at how well behaved we all were - even if we were in separate cages....

The competition however was a different story M was not happy..... I ran mentally around the first course (she took me out before finishing), the second course we eventually completed but with lots of silliness according to M, the third I refused to jump the first jump - didnt like the look of it! However the fourth course (last of the day) I managed to get round with just 5 faults!! M was pleased and I came 9th.

M has said that her new years resolution is going to be to take me straight out the ring at training if I run off and be silly to try and cut out the habit.... humph!

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Here's a couple of the courses from the STARS show....

The steeplechase - lots of circles like the helter skelter - M hates these....


 The jumping course where I got 2nd!!

For those that dont know - 16 is a set of 6 pole weaves and 17 is a long jump.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Long time

Sorry I havent posted in a while - there have been gremlins in the internet again!!

Due to the dismal weather agility has been cancelled - frozen arenas etc!! but M is keeping me busy practising my weaves inside.. lucky me!

I've got another competition on Sunday so we'll see how it goes..... at work with D today! fun fun fun.