Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Yesterday I did nothing! Yep that's right, nothing, mum didnt even try and get me to practise my left and right turns.

I think they are both tired - they need to sleep as much as me :-)

Monday, 30 January 2012


We did go for a walk - a nice walk around the neighbourhood where I havent been for a while.

At the weekend I got to play with Wispa, Merlin and Basil!! and I was very good waiting and watching while mum and dad fixed the car.

Unfortunately I didnt see the Bernese Mountain Dog that came to visit us at the yard, but mum and dad tried to pursuade her owners to swap her for ANY car we had!! They really do like them you know... hopefully I may get a brother or sister soon...

Mum didnt have her camera so no photos i'm afraid - but here's one of the Dolyhir clan in case you dont know what one looks like.... Follow their tracks at http://dolyhir-bernesemountaindogs.blogspot.com

Thursday, 26 January 2012


So tuesday night was agility, lots of different dogs for me to meet again. I was told to be on my best behaviour which I really tried hard to be but I got excited a couple of times and ran off to see other dogs. I did come back when mum called though!

I did lots of practise at weaving, and mum thinks I improved loads at that and I was a brave boy with the dog walk. I did a difficult course on high jumps but when I got tired mum lowered them to medium. Mum did get in the way a couple of times though instead of crossing behind me, she needs more practise too!

Last night she had me going round an obstacle, left and right. She tried getting me to cross in front of her but I just came back for a treat instead hehehe.

Clever me has also worked out the 'stand' command from a distance now - well just about unless the treat looks extra interesting! 
Mum and dad have both gone to work this morning so I can relax and have an extra long sleep and then hopefully mum will give me a long walk tonight when she gets home - i wonder where we'll go?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lack of news

I have realised over the past few postings that I really do not do anything interesting.. I eat, sleep, have cuddles and run like a mad thing at agility. I am feeling like I might need to find new interests, especially as mum keeps trying to teach me left and right! She was trying to get me to do spins last night, haha like I was going to do that - whats the point?
Mum says its to help me supple up to do the weaves but I'm unconvinced, possible as much as I am unconvinced about the new plan she has about building more DIY agility equipment.. apparently she's found an ace website with instructions.
Some one please help!!

Monday, 23 January 2012


I was measured at the weekend! Well I wasnt actually.. mum took me a long car ride - so I caught up on my sleep and then we got to Gateshead apparantly and there were loads of dogs!! 

I was a really good boy but mum wouldnt let me play, dont know why?!

I met pugs, spaniels, collies, even a poodle and I watched the agility, wish i could of had a go, and then a couple of lovely ladies (they gave me fuss) took one look at me and announced I was large. 

Then we got back in the car and came home.
Dont know what all that was about but mum says I have now got to practise jumping the large jumps, thats a shame cause I like jumping the medium jumps, they're so much easier..

Thursday, 19 January 2012


My laziness has once again caught up on me, sorry. Mum has been working me really hard lately and I'm really tired!!

Tuesday was agility again, and I was totally ace and on my best behaviour, I only showed myself up when Bob barker as we like to call him started barking in my face... that was not nice so I told him so. I managed the dog walk but I'm not convinced that I like heights and its not very wide you know.

Sorry its a bad photo but i'm still trying to train these humans.

Last night I had a good long sleep, Mum was trying to play fetch with me but I found a comfy spot next to the sofa and I really didnt want to move, so I put my best snoring on and she soon left me alone! Wonder what she's got in store for tonight??

Monday, 16 January 2012


Ooops missed a few days recently.
Thursday night was agility which was ace, mum finally let me run without my muzzle on, i've been trying to get it off in the tunnel for weeks! I tried really hard to follow all her instructions and I think I did alright, it was great fun, running and jumping, over the a-frame which is really high and over the see-saw which is a bit strange but I dont mind it when I get a carrot at the end!

I was shattered when I got home so I slept hehe..

Friday was a normal day at the office if you know what I mean apart from mum and dad locked themselves out the house - silly people... they had to go all the way to the next town to get the spare set of L & B, and they didnt even take me with them.

Saturday I went to work with mum, although she spent more time playing with me with our DIY agility course than she did working but dont tell dad! Spent the night at L&B's but couldnt play with Wispa cause she's in season or something?!

Went to work with dad on Sunday and it must be luck cause roland was there too so I went and played with Merlin for hours! I was even better behaved today, I came back everytime dad called for a carrot (well almost). Got home on sunday night and was exhausted, fell asleep and apart from dinner (cant forget that) slept from 6pm till 7am this morning when mum woke me up - I couldnt believe it was time to get up, blimey!!

Glad I can go back to sleep once they've gone to work.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Friends

Went to work with Dad again today - yippeeee

First we went to a garage (but not ours) got loads of fuss!! I love it when people like me.. whilst dad got his tyre fixed. 

Then we went to our yard, and I had a good day running around and following dad wherever he went, just in case I missed out on a treat..

Roland our next door neighbour has 3 dogs!! but i've never met them up close, they do bark a bit.. but today dad took me to say hello! They were growling at me from the car but once I'd been up to them so they could have a sniff and I could investigate them, Roland said they could come out and I had a good play with the yellow lab and the black lab - no time for names... the oldest guy (a golden retriever) didnt bother about playing (blimey I hope I dont get too old for playing) he stayed in the car.

Had a little nap when I got home.. ZZZzzzzz

Monday, 9 January 2012


Went to work with Dad yesterday :-) Its great fun, I get to run around the yard, sniffing things out, finding rabbits, fetching stuff and snoozing while dad does all the hard work!

The men in the yard next door were ever so noisy yesterday so I told them all off, with the biggest loudest woofs I could - dad was a bit confused cause he doesnt normally hear me bark... but they were annoying me!

Got a new toy and treats today from a company who send out samples...a soft freezbie which is great, we can play indoors (which I made mum do last night for hours!! hehehe) and I was really good for dad coming back everytime he called cause the treats were yummy.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Weather Again

The weather is better I suppose but thankfully mum decided not to take me out yesterday afternoon and instead we were playing games inside. Much better me thinks!

She's trying to teach me left and right at the moment as part of my agility training, hahaha well if she could only get them right herself first I might have a fighting chance.

My hedghog is dead :-( it needs to be re-sewn after me and mum had a hard play session the other night but I've still got tiger and reindeer which are the important ones! Havent seen cow for a while, must remember to have a look for him, probably hiding at the bottom of my box.

Thursday, 5 January 2012



Now I know I like water but cold rain and wind in the face and under my ears is NOT nice!!

Pleaasssee tell mum not to take me out again tonight if its like that again.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

Santa was lovely this year and bought me some new toys to play with.
A reindeer with lots of squeekers, a tiger that roars, a lion that bounces, a giant tennis ball, and a squeeky hedgehog! Thank you sooooo much they're great fun!

Havent written for a while cause I cant find the power supply for the laptop how annoying. Thankfully mum has gone back to work so I've sent her with what I want to update the site with.

Mum had a new camera for christmas so expect more photos here in future.