Monday, 30 June 2014

Time missed

Well its been a while, and to be honest we've not done much these past few weeks...

M & D have been very busy so while we have joined them in their antics, we've not really been doing dog stuff.

D managed to fall over walking Maverick and has torn all the muscles in his ankle so he's hobbling around and not being much fun at the moment which meant M took me (Cadbury) to gundog trials.

It was V. hot and sunny so the water test was a write off - I just went for a really long swim! I like swimming!! To be honest M says I got the worst results in  my history that day but the tests were close together so I was constantly being distracted, but she says my heel work is improving a little so wasn't too upset.

M's parents came to visit for a weekend and we had fun with them, they always give us loads of fuss - and it was my birthday that weekend so Maverick and I got treated to bones (real ones!)

Maverick has been practising for his KC Good Citizen award tests which are coming up soon - he's hoping to do both Bronze and Silver which would unfortunately mean he's better behaved than me if he passes as I failed my Silver last time... and then at the end of July I am supposed to be doing my Silver test again (M says I should pass with flying colours now!)

M's going away at the beginning of July so we've got a break from agility comps for a while but she's entered me for a big one in August - 5 whole days!! I'll be shattered...

Maverick is still going to his puppy agility class which is great fun (I went the other week) they just get to charge around, not doing courses just individual jumps or running across planks or through TUNNELS... all very easy but FUN!! I get very jealous when I see him enjoying himself!!

M has put the camera somewhere I can't find it again but I'll post pic's when I find it...


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another 1st

This is a first for Cadbury...

His first 1st placed clear round in jumping!!!

V. proud M!!

 and M has managed to take her first proper BONZAI picture of Maverick!
this was his recall at the weekend... don't know what he thought he was going to get at the end of it!