Thursday, 31 October 2013


This is my new baby brother, Maverick!

I haven't met him yet, apparently he's not old enough to play with me but it won't be long, and then I can have a ball with him, bramble and *bailey* (that names not confirmed yet) M thinks he should just be called trouble!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Weekend Competition

It was my last competition of the year at the weekend... M wasnt happy.... I got 4 eliminations for silliness - to the point the M kept removing me from the ring before completing the courses.... Oh Dear, sorry M!!

but on the plus side I did have two 2nd places...

Paul Dobson Photography: Class 39 Lge Ag grd 1-7 &emdash; 037_5301Paul Dobson Photography: Class 39 Lge Ag grd 1-7 &emdash; 037_5307>


Friday, 25 October 2013

Sad Times


More sad news that two more of my pawpals have past over to Rainbow bridge..

Corrie was a 13 yr old collie who was enjoying her retirement with her brother and sister.

Fergus was a 15yr old german shepherd who was enjoying his retirement, trying to bounce around like a puppy with his brothers and sisters.

Both will be greatly missed but I hope they run free over the Rainbow keeping an eye on there 2 and 4 legged friends.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Very Proud

So it was the Agility groups Fun show yesterday..

M was hoping I would be good but she said she didn't know how it would go... well I was a very good boy!! 

First thing in the morning I went for a run in the field and I joined with K's pack of dogs for a game of chase, which M has never let me do before (i get over enthusiastic!) and she was really impressed with my behaviour, and I met quite a few other dogs very nicely too...

The first run of the day was a helter-skelter (a course to make the 2-legged lot dizzy). I forgot my wait which meant M had to run really fast to catch up and then M forgot where she was going (not sure how we just went round and round). Anyway, I carried on and M caught up - it was a clear round!! M was really pleased!!

The second run was an agility course, thankfully M said there were no weaves but the A-frame was the first contact in the course so she assumed I would jump off and have a mad run - I don't know where she gets these ideas from!
Well I proved her wrong, I got all my contacts but unfortunately knocked 2 poles down. I even completed the course in 34sec!

M was helping on the rings so I was popped back in the car with my lunch for an hour or so.

After another walk and play, I was back in the ring for another jumping round.. I got a bit distracted but it was a clear round with a nice weave entry so M was happy - other members of the group thought I should have done better though!

The fourth and last run was a second agility course, it was a very nice flowing course but started jumped, weave - which M always finds tricky but I did it!! and I got all my contacts but unfortunately got one pole down!

M was really proud of me and I got a 3rd, 4th and 5th place with no ELIMINATIONS!!!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Lack of News

So there hasn't been much excitement over the last couple of weeks...

M & D keep disappearing and coming back smelling of Bramble and something funny...hmmmm M says I've got to get used to the smell of my new baby brother!!

I've been training both with agility and gundogs... M & D are borrowing a starter pistol, cause apparently I get too excited at the noise, and like to investigate where the noise is coming from... I know M says my brains wired backwards, so much for running away from scary noises!!

Agility is going well, I'm having less mad moments and the clicker training has really helped my contact work... M is really pleased and I get loads of treats! I've got a competition this weekend so we'll see how that goes - think it might be wet!

and just to cheer you up on a friday here's M &D's next picture of cuteness...

Monday, 7 October 2013


So, here's some of the latest pictures of the pups just to brighten your day...

and now then what's been happening with me... well M's parents came to visit this weekend so I've had lots to do...

walkies with N - M made sure I didn't pull him off his feet, and lots of games of fetch!! Oh I do like it when they visit!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Brother

So I have been told that I am to get a baby brother... from my "girlfriend" Bramble!

She's been told too, and she is most excited.

M went to see her and her pups on Sunday, as A was worried Bramble was a bit too protective and not seeing anyone. M said it was wonderful but D was upset he missed out...

Here are some pics of the pups and wonderful clever Miss Bramble...

M & D can officially go and see the pups and hold etc in about 3.5 weeks time so they are both getting excited.. 

I've been told I'll get to see him when he comes home...

I think M & A are going to start a Chocolate Lab Agility League cause between them they'll have 4 competing!!