Thursday, 28 August 2014


We'll as you may have worked out I still haven't managed to get the videos from D to put on the site, he's rubbish sometimes!

I thought I would post today as M has been building well at least altering again... M bought an old dog walk off the agility club last summer with the idea that she would replace the rotten bits and then re-paint it, however she couldn't get it apart, not even the bad bits so instead she used it as a template and is reusing the metal parts.

The new dog walk is almost ready a coat of paint and then putting the metal bits back on, and we'll be ready to roll.

Whilst this has been going on M has been using a short bit of the old walk as a training plank for Maverick as his feet don't always land where they are supposed to, which means he was falling off the dog walk more than staying on... V FUNNY!! but apparently not good for his growing joints!

Now that Maverick has got the hang of the plank and moved on to the low level dog walk M decided that as he doesn't like the full sized see-saw (he's not sure of the movement) she would make a low level one to build his confidence...

so here it is, with me on it as M decided my contact's needed some work.

As you can see it's quite simple, M says she might make it better as Maverick gets more confident but we'll see..

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day's Out

Cadbury and Maverick here today...

On Saturday M & D got all our usual doggy stuff together and put it in the car along with Cadbury... M then setup my pen in the kitchen and filled it with loads of fun stuff and my stuffed Kong, and a bone!!

I was left alone!!! All day!!
M & D were VERY pleased with me though cause I was a good boy and didn't chew or destroy anything.. I even left all the plants alone in the garden!!

Cadbury however was out at a country fair, meeting all the lovely doggies and enjoying a couple of goes at the Gundog Scurry.
The scurry is a timed event spilt into 2 categories of Novice and Open.
Cadbury did the novice one which was a seen dummy retrieve over a small fence.
D ran him first and he did a fast time of 17 secs - M & D were quite impressed
M then ran him but unfortunately he got distracted by the rifle shooting in the next arena so it was a 27 sec run.

The winner managed an 11 sec run...


On Sunday M & D packed all the doggy stuff in the car but put Maverick in the car, it was my turn to stay at home... but I got a stuffed kong so I was happy.

Maverick went out to the country fair and spent most of the day being introduced to dogs of all shapes and sizes - he had a whale of a time...
M & D decided that he was old enough to have a go at the Gundog Scurry they knew he wouldn't be very good as they've not done any training yet apart from simple dummy retrieves.
M decided to go first and set him up so he was looking for the dummy when the gun went off... she told Maverick to go and off he went at some speed but when he reached the fence he didn't know what to do so M had to go and help him over the fence. Once he found the dummy he jumped back over the fence and brought the dummy back to M with a little detour to see a couple of doggy friends, but M was happy that he was enjoying himself.
D had a go next but unfortunately the gun went off before they were ready so when D asked Maverick to go find it - he wasn't sure what he was finding... silly boy!
D ran all the way to the dummy with him but then he was fine returning. They were both 1 min times but it was a good introduction.

Maverick was VERY TIRED when he got home on Sunday evening...

M has some video of the runs but we haven't managed to nick the camera from her yet, so we'll post these later.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

KC Canine Good Citizen 2

Cadbury here....

Just to let you all know that I am also now a SILVER good citizen... I passed my test with flying colours and myself and Maverick are now working hard towards our Gold awards.

We were both working hard last night at training and tried for the first time our stay while M left the room... I was perfect and Maverick was very good considering it was the first time he'd ever done it he just got a little too excited when M returned to him!

He was also trying for the first time his stop on recall... I'm used to this now and know that when M say's "wait" when I being recalled I must stop immediately. However, M's not really tried this with Maverick yet and although he knew he needed to do something when she said wait, he slowed down and still returned to her... L has suggested that she uses a different command - like sit. As Maverick can do sit at a distance unlike anything else at the moment.

Since the last update I've also been to another agility competition - I came back with a 2nd and a 5th although M was not happy with my attitude.. I was a bit too laid back about it all and spent most of my time sniffing.... well there was lots to sniff!!

Maverick came with us but he's still too young to take part but he was allowed to walk round the rings and watch what was going on... M thinks he's going to enjoy agility when he's allowed to take part in 8 months time!
Here's us enjoying a good game of bitey face while M was relaxing in the tent...

I hasten to add that Maverick is now bigger than me!! He's got to stop growing....