Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Long Time

I've just realised how long its been since I last blogged... sorry!

Its been quite quiet in the household to be honest - M & D are working hard, they are still banging and sawing away upstairs and making my room a mess, but they are cleaning up after themselves.

I've been to work with M & D more in the past couple of weeks and D even took me on a road trip on Monday, although D was in a bad mood on the way back as it was a wasted journey apparently...

Agility training is still going on - I think M is pleased with my progress - she has started using a clicker on the contacts which is kinda helping she says... My next competition is coming up in a week's time so I'll up date you on how that goes...

Ladder training has been slightly altered - M has moved back to training on a set of stairs - you see I only do certain sets of stairs because I'm not allowed up stairs in any home so I've become a bit of a strange one with stairs.. I can do the set up to the front door fine and the ones at M's work but I refused to go up the ones in home... or stand still on the stairs, so until I've cracked that M going to give the ladder a break.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


M & D decided to take a holiday at the weekend and despite the weather decided that we would meet up with some friends down in the midlands.

D took part in the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally back in 2010 and this was a reunion weekend and a get to know the newbies ready for this year's rally in June...

M knew there would be plenty of dog friends so I was allowed to pack my bag and join them!

What they didnt tell me was we were camping!! They had planned to go down on Good Friday and camp till Easter Monday but with all the snow, cold weather and the lack of a 4x4 they changed their plans - we travelled down first thing on Saturday getting to the campsite for lunch and a snow storm....

They put the tent up - its a new one and I now have to sleep with M & D not on my own...

and then we spent some time investigating the site - some others arrived a little later and some pooches for me to play with... I also managed to find the pond! M was not impressed..

Over night it got REALLY cold - M had taken both my beds so I had lots of layers under me and she popped my coat on over night and I was still cold so I ended up snuggling with M in her sleeping bag!
I've heard whisperings that they might buy me my own sleeping bag for next time but then how many times is it going to get down to -9oC whilst we're camping!!