Friday, 30 January 2015


WooHooo we got snow.....

snowing at the office
Maverick finally experiencing snow... he decided to try to eat each snowflake before it hit the ground

Us 2 having fun

Sorry its sideways M hasn't figured out how to sort it out!!
Its stopped snowing now and its sunny but its still cold so M thinks the snow is going to stick around for a few days... hopefully it will be clear enough for us still to go to agility on Sunday!! paws crossed..

Friday, 16 January 2015

Recent Events

Maverick here...

Not much happening in the household at the moment... the weather is awful!! so although we're getting walks and training as normal (at the moment) there's no time to take piccies...

Me snoozing at work... my favorite pasttime

Brotherly LOVE

We did get some snow today though, but it had melted by the time we went for our lunchtime walk!!

Hmm me snoozing again, this isn't looking good..

Bone time, and no I'm not sleeping

Look, told you I wasnt...

Yummm, Cadbury knows theres something in there..

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A New Year!

Well its been a while folks but its time to get back to blogging...

Christmas was pawsome fun, as we all stayed at D's parents so we had loads of time to run and play with Wispa and Poppet..

After all the presents were opened and we'd played this was us...
Maverick and Poppet

Me wondering why no-one would play?!

Maverick and Poppet

Maverick and Poppet



Maverick... he has some strange sleeping positions



Maverick waiting to nick Poppets ball
I wasn't very well between christmas and new year, dodgy tummy from the loverly christmas food but I still made it down to M's parents for new year... Monster Maverick when on his holidays to A and B and he was spoilt!! They even slept downstairs with him... lucky puppy dog!

Back to our old routine now though as M & D are back to work. Agility training on Tues was a bit of a shock and we were both shattered that we needed a snooze when we got home! M's already re-started obedience training with us so that we don't show her up next week when the classes start back!!