Friday, 24 July 2015


M has decided that as its summer and her evenings are becoming more free, that she would use the time to take Maverick swimming.

In his last gundog trials he's been apprehensive about swimming in currents and he's also not jumping well in agility so it should help build his muscles without too much strain on his joints.

Maverick has been down to the beach a couple of times and thoroughly enjoys running in and out of the waves but the gradient is too shallow to be able to swim easily so M took him for the first time down to our local river on monday night.... M put on her wetsuit so she could go in for moral support and maverick enjoyed himself but would still only swim out a few strokes before turning back.

Last night M & D were both free so they decided they'd  take us both down to the river so that I could show Maverick the ropes (I LOVE THE WATER!)

Heres some video...D was not dressed for swimming so was on the bank staying dry!!

I apologise for M's bad throwing - she was getting very caught up in the long line...

Mavericks getting far more confident so M's going to do one more solo session and then move places so she can do some bank jumping practise..

Friday, 3 July 2015


Its been a while so I think we maybe need to do a catchup on what's been happening....

The weather has definitely been a mixed bag, with wind, rain, scorching sunshine and some thunderstorms mixed in.
We've all been busy as always with training, competitions and field tests.

Maverick became a model for the day...

The agility club did a fab demo whilst Maverick completed his first gundog test

More from the demo

As the weather got warmer Mavericks Tongue got longer...

and when he couldn't cope any longer...

he had a lie down...

Cadbury turned the ripe old age of 5!!

He waited patiently for his birthday cake cup and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Maverick and Cadbury are sharing bones 1hrly

Maverick got a shock.....


and Cadbury has been going to work more often to have more runs in the fields!!