Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Maverick investigating the local woods

Me snuggled with M in the tent

Me playing tug with Maverick

Me trying to use Mavericks crate as den

this will be my den and my toy!

3 pooped puppies..

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coming Good

Well according to M someone has swapped the original Cadbury for a black lab dressed as me because I was soo good at the agility competition at the weekend...

She said I was so laid back and didn't have a single mad run all weekend!

From six courses I came back with 3 x 3rds and 2 x 2nds, one being a very quick clear round - my first in proper competition.

She didn't even mind the elimination as she said it was her fault for pushing me over a jump I should have missed... Ooops!

I'll get her to take some pic's of the rosettes to put on here cause they're lovely!

I camped with M in her tent this weekend as she said I'd been such a good boy and had a good snuggle :-)

A lot of my friends were at the competition too and they all did really well - something must be in the air!

On a Maverick note - M & D are starting to walk him off lead now as he generally stays close and does what he's told - he can start agility training middle of April so M is teaching him heel, side, in, out and go on at the moment. D's also doing lots of little retrieves with him to get him ready for gundogs - he'll come with me this season but not compete, so that he gets used to the excitement.