Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A day with D

Went to work with D yesterday... although it turned out to be proper work so D took me for an extra long walk in the morning and then one at lunch time!!

He didnt dare try the weaves in case he got them wrong!! hahaha - he needs more training from M!

Last night we didnt get up to much a bit of sleeping and M got the weaves out and put me through my paces - she's says i'm improving, and I'm at work with her today as we're going straight to agility after work tonight yippeee.....

I suppose I'll get woken at lunch time for some more weave practise but thats ok.

Monday, 30 July 2012

no weaves

Well, I thought this weekend I would see nothing but weaves with M wanting to prepare me for my next competition in a week's time but no!

The weather on Saturday was so unsettled that M spent all day doing a couple of jobs that should of taken a couple of hours - she was most annoyed as it left no time for us to play!!

and then Sunday we all went for a trip to a Classic car show... I traveled with M in her little two seater, very comfortable for a snooze, and D followed with the big ambulance which I then spent some of the day in.

Very exciting - lots of people and cars and other doggies!

 AND I even managed to find a BIG sticky stick!

Friday, 27 July 2012


OK M has a bee in her bonnet as they say...

I was at work with M yesterday again and she brought the weaves with us so that I could practise at lunchtime!! What!!

Anyways I wasnt great at lunchtime, M thinks its because I had more space to move around so I wasnt concentrating on the weaves but I wasnt bad.... M needs to take some photos and video I think!!

We got home and M thought that I would like to do some more weave practise - well anything for my tennis ball I suppose... and she was really impressed with what I did! Big smiles!

Then..... we went to agility! Can you believe it! I was shattered already. We weren't at Ann's as the field is too wet, we were at the equestrian centre instead. M was really happy with me and very surprised that I really concentrated hard and did everything correctly. Even had a couple of clear rounds yippeee!!!!

I knocked a couple of poles down but thats cause I got my stride wrong but I was flying! and really enjoying myself.

And I have to say Well Done to Bonnie (my new doggy pal a Saluki/saluki cross) she has just joined us for agility and last night was the first time she's seen full sized dog walk, A frame and see-saw, and she sailed over everything.
Big Woofs for that!! Pawsome!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Yipppeee I got my present yesterday!!

I was slightly disappointed cause it wasnt food but it was these....


I know to many of you these wont be exciting but this is a proper set of weaves and M bought 2 sets so a full 12 pole weave and it means that I can start a different kind of training called 2 x 2.

We break the weave down into pairs of poles, for me to run through all by myself. M starts me from different angles to the first pair of pole and then I have to run through the two sets of pairs without any direction, other than a word 'go' to set me off. M gradually rotates the two set of poles till they are straight and connected together - when I get a 90% success rate running through from all angles. Then we add the third set of poles horizontal to the others so I an just run through them, and gradually rotate these till they are straight and connected.

When I'm really clever M will add the second set of 6 poles and I should be able to do a full 12 pole weave all by myself!

Well thats the plan anyway! M tried last night and we managed in 3 short sessions to get the 2 pairs to about 10 degrees so today she's brought me and the poles to work so we can have another session at lunchtime and see if I can get them straight!!

According to the help sheet we should be able to get a 12 pole weave in 10 days.. I'll keep you posted.

p.s. D had a go but he couldnt stop giving me hand signals, so he needs more practise.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Road Trip

Phew - yesterday was a road trip with D!

A very mixed day of weather - started out really wet and windy but by the time we got all the way down to Grantham it was hot and sunny, and I really needed a long coool drink.

Then it was back in the car to drive back again..

M spent the evening doing some training with me and she's bought me a pressie! Don't know what it is yet though she says its coming in the post in the next couple of days - really excited...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Fun Weekend

Yippee I had a fun weekend this weekend and the weather was a bit better.

On saturday morning M left me to sleep whilst she did some house work after a quick walk to the post office...

but saturday afternoon was agility! yay - I tried very hard but there was a lot of waiting around as there were lots of us there (probably cause the weather was so nice) so M decided in case we went to gundogs on Sunday she would try and wear me out. So lots of running around and fetching, and a few waits etc and then I would have a run at agility and then go back to fetches and waits... great fun like I said...

On Sunday though we didnt go to gundogs we went to an open day at the local air museum - they have lots of old planes and things I heard. M was there with one of our very old army trucks and few things to sell so I was told to be on my best behaviour and to look soppy to draw in the crowds.

Well M forgot to take my jacket which tells people not to fuss me so really she should have just put up a sign asking for donations to fuss me cause I attracted a lot of attention ;-)

There was lots of noise being made with a Merlin engine being put through it paces every hour and there was a group of German soldiers firing all kinds of weapons (which scared the seagulls but not me!) and everyone but M was very surprised that I didn't care what was going on.

M did make me sit in the front seat of the big old truck on the way home though which I didn't like - it was all rocky and very warm and smelly - and I was just soo pleased to get out at the other end that I jumped out all by myself (which I shouldn't have cause its about 5 feet high)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wednesday weather

Its the middle of summer and I'm staying in the house cause its still too wet to enjoy myself.

M & D took me out for a walk last night and I had to wear my rain coat - they got soaked but I loved the toweling down when we got home.

I'm trying to be a very good boy at the moment cause M has uncovered the cauliflowers as they were getting too big, but she's told me I'm not allowed to eat the leaves! but they look soooo good!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

M's back

Yippeee, M's back which means I can get back on with my blog...

Last week well it was quite uneventful really. D decided that he would stay with his mum and dad while M was away so I could spend lots of time chasing Wispa!

We've had lots of games of bitey face (as Jet and Milo would call it) but one night it got a bit over the top even for us and I ended up with a cut on my ear - lots of blood everywhere D said, not that I was bothered...

The weathers still not great but it should be better by the end of the week so M says we can go to agility then..

Friday, 6 July 2012

Going Away

Jesse - I always take M & D out for walks in the rain cause its GREAT!!

 M is going away tonight with work for 10 whole days so there'll be no postings from me I'm afraid. She is nicking off with the laptop, so me and D will have a whale of a time, and I'll great M with licks when she gets back.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Coat

I've got my new coat - and just in time to go out in the rain again last night :-)
 Its dead cosy and it kept me dry

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Coat

Before I run head long into my blog I'm sending my doggy thoughts to the clan of Dolyhir over in Wales as they have lost not 1 but 2 treasured friends in the last 48 hours. Woofs and licks for Pippin and Aunt Montana xx

So the weekend I was out with M & D on our market stall (we have busy lives you know) and I was dressed in my old coat (the new one's not arrived yet) but M had ironed on the words In Training - Please Ignore Me 
and to my disgust it worked sort of! A couple of people stroked my head whilst reading my coat and then stopped and the rest just ignored me! It was very frustrating cause I LOVE fuss..
So in the end I gave up and ignored everyone, and M & D were very pleased.

They even went and found a new pet shop where they can get huge cow bones for me to chew - its taken me 3 days to eat it (M & D keep taking it off me) but its very yummy and M says it will give me lots of good nutritious stuff.