Swinstead's Blazing Boy, Cadbury

Status: Pet
            Agility Grade 2 competitor
            Galloway Gundogs Novice competitor
Titles: Canine Good Citizen Bronze
          Canine Good Citizen Silver

          Canine Good Citizen Gold
Date Of Birth: 14th June 2010

Breed: Labrador R
Colour: Chocolate

Dam: Applegun's Cindy Bear of Swinstead, Holly Dog
Sire: Culfedder Dulnain of Pinessprings

Home Coming Day: Nov 2010

5 Things about Cadbury -
 1. Cadbury was originally called Blaze.
 2. Cadbury likes to play with cherry tomatoes.
 3. Cadbury absolutely loves to swim.
 4. Cadbury is well known for his "mad" moments in the agility arena.
 5. Cadbury is scared of stairs.

Cadbury is now a competing agility and gundog trials dog - please make no mistake in thinking that this was a decision we made or that a gundog trial dog suggests he would be good out on a hunt (he so wouldn't)

Cadbury decided he was going to be an agility dog, we had a small go at an obedience class and he loved it.. he was the only 1st timer to go through the tunnel unaided, jump all the jumps and then confidently challenge the see-saw - that was my mind made up... we would have another go.
I made the decision that it would be for fun - there would be no Kennel Club shows for us, we'd have laugh and train, but that would be it.... haha there is something called the agility bug which means once you've been in a fun show ring and watched everyone compete and you may have even won a rosette or two, that you cannot stop yourself entering a 'proper' competition... so Cadbury has been competing for a while now and has won out of the first level but he is nervous around new dogs so takes his time to get used to new venues.

Gundog trials were our decision to have a go at, we had been doing a bit of retriever work and wondered how different it would be. Well the atmosphere is electric for the dogs - more so than on a shoot as they are queued up waiting for their turn. Cadbury is getting better but the waiting around for him is too much, he watches everyone else's marks and then gets over excited when its his turn, but he will settle eventually - he enjoys it though!!