Tuesday, 1 July 2014

KC Canine Good Citizen

Maverick here....

Last night was my exam night for both my bronze and silver canine good citizen awards..
The plan had been that D would do the bronze award with me and M would do the silver but the tester said the only difference between the two awards was bronze was a 1 minute stay instead of 2 and at bronze I have do wait my turn at the door/gate.
So D did the door exercise and the 1 minute stay (in a sit) and M ended up doing the rest!!

There was the road walking exercise to see if we could walk in a calm controlled manner down the street, waiting to cross the road etc..

Next we had to show we would get into the car calmly and then wait to be asked out again.

Then we did a come away from distractions which we normally do as walking straight through the group of dogs off lead, but tonight the tester wanted us to weave in and out off lead... now that's a gold level test, and apart from me being interested in what one lady had in her hand I was a good boy!

Then we did a play exercise followed by a wait and recall - I was excellent in both of these areas as always...

The next exercise was a controlled greeting and an ignoring food, so first we went and spoke to the tester, where he petted me and I was to be quiet calm, and then I had to walk past a lady sitting eating without bothering her... which I did, although I would have liked the biscuit she was eating..

The last test for me was a 2 minute stay, so M put me in a down and moved away... 2 minutes later and I got loads of fuss!!!

M then had to answer a few care and responsibility questions, to see if she knew how to take care of me, which if they'd just asked I could have told them she does!

Then the awards ceremony - I'd PASSED!!!