Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I'm Sick

Oooo  I've not been well.. (Cadbury that is)

On Sunday night before M & D fed me they noticed that my tummy was a bit inflated.. M got worried because there is a condition called bloat which can be fatal to doggies like me...

I tried to be sick but wasn't and M decided it was time to ring the VET! He was very nice, and very reassuring. Apparently because I hadn't eaten for 8 hours he didn't think it would be bloat, he thought I would possibly be just gassy or maybe eaten something I shouldn't have. So he told M to monitor me for a couple of hours in case I got worse and if necessary ring back and take me into the surgery.

By this time it was 9:45pm so M decided the best thing would be for me to sleep in the bedroom with M & D so they knew I was ok. However, at 2am we all woke up too hot and had to open the windows..
I was much better in the morning although I am still passing wind a lot which D is complaining about! M & D still don't know what I've eaten to cause this as nothing out of the ordinary has appeared at the other end yet..

Everyone is just please I'm back to my normal self!