Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Season

Well its been a while since there has been a post about me but this weekend I get back to competing!

We're taking a trip over to North Yorkshire for a 2 day show but after last nights training session M is slightly concerned at my concentration level!

Also the Gundog trial session starts Easter weekend - although M & D are already taking us away so we can't do the first test but it means that we'll need to start doing some proper training again, and Maverick should be able to join in too...

M's had me out and about too - we went over to support a guy called Christian who's walking the coast of Britain to raise money for Help for Heroes, sleeping rough every night. Here's us with Hero Bear..

Hmm would anyone notice if I nicked his Sporran?
Maverick is still growing fast - catching me up!! that's not right... here's us after a good bath before M's parents arrived..


and then M with his head in the mop bucket thinking there might be something tasty in there...


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lost Teeth

Maverick is loosing his teeth!!

He is growing up fast and this week he has already lost 2 teeth - although one was desperate to hang on in there!

I have also learnt a new trick - I can now let Maverick out of his crate whenever I feel like it!! Well that was until M & D saw me do it and then they've start padlocking the doors.. spoil sports.

M was trying to get me to do it the other night for a piece of cheese so she could film it and put it on here but I waited till the camera had run out of memory and then got the cheese... there will be no evidence!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Lost track of time

Oh dear - its been a while....

that's what having a brother does for you.. not had a chance to sit down and type with him running around, biting my tale!!

M has started a new job, can't remember if I said but it means she can take the monster to work with her so I get peace!!

We both went to a pawparty the other weekend it was full of games and agility and we even got some treats in a Doggy bag to take home.

Maverick was a good boy and met everyone very nicely although did try his luck with a couple of dogs chasing them round the agility field.

I was a star and didn't run off at all!! Must be getting better...

No pics as M didn't take her camera - she is soo frustrating!