Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Proud - Continued

So let me tell you all about my adventure this weekend...

M got me up early on Saturday morning and bundled me and my stuff into the car... it was packed, but she'd left plenty of room for me!
We drove for quite a while so I snoozed and then she pulled up and started unpacking... she quickly put up our tent, even though it was quite windy and then she let me out for a wee.

We went for a wander so i could see where we were... Oh it was exciting cause we were at agility! and there were loads of new paw friends and human friends to meet and some old ones to catch up with.. A was there with Bob, Meg and Bonnie so we had a sniff around.

M took me to have a play in the exercise area to run off some steam from being in the car. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to throw toys in the area so instead M had thought to pack the bubbles so I chased them instead. I really wore myself out and needed a good long drink.

M had some lunch and unpacked a few more things into the tent - she decided not to put up the garden as it was soo windy it would just blow down again.. and then she had some lunch, didnt bother to share it though....

Later in the afternoon I got to have a go at the agility.. I was a very good boy and even though I missed the last weave pole of the course and carried on into the tunnel (*getting eliminated*) M asked me to do the weaves again and I got it right this time... and I got every contact point on the dog walk, A-frame and see-saw in this course.. M was very happy with me!!


 That was it for the Saturday - we had plenty of walks in the evening though and some more bubble chasing, M even remembered my dummy so we could practise some gundog retrieves for next weekend. We had dinner together in the tent and I got a bit of snooze time before M got invited to another persons tent - so M put me in the car so I could sleep without being worried.

Later on M came back we went for our final walk and then went to bed, all snuggly in the tent, it was very cosy.

M made the mistake of waking too early on Sunday morning - 3:45am!!! but I gave her licks to make up for it!!

After snoozing till 5:45 we both got up, had breakfast and went for a walk. M said I needed to be calm this morning because our course was first on at 8:30am!

It was a jumping course and it was HARD!!! The judge had put a few new obstacles in that I'd not seen before so M didn't know whether I would complete the course but we had a go. 
This is part of the course... a long jump, then wishing well (never seen this before), tunnel, brush fence (not seen this), tyre, spread and then a wall... blimey
Anyway apart from looking at the wishing well funny I completed the course well (15 faults and 6 time faults) M was really pleased I'd taken it all in my stride and gave me part of a bone! It turned out that I managed to come 5th with the lowest faults being 10!! Told you it was hard!

My next 2 runs were much later in the day so M left in the car to sleep as we were both quite tired.. she took the tent down and came to let me out the car for a couple of walks and lunch..

The second run was an agility course and M really wanted me to do well and so did A.... she said she was standing at the side of the course willing me on and saying all the commands out loud - people must have thought she was mad!
I was a really good boy and M said she just needs to speed up my weaves cause I was CLEAR!! but with 7 time faults so came 3rd!
Heres me with my rosette...
The last course of the day was a jumping round and although it was very simple there was a catch at the end because there were 3 jumps in a row but I shouldn't have taken the 3rd jump I should have turned left and M was shouting left left left but I just carried on... Oooops! Eliminated - M didn't care we'd had a really good weekend and we were shattered - A big bone for tea and early to bed!

Monday, 24 June 2013


I made M proud this weekend... and got treats for it!!

This is just a quick post cause M hasnt sorted the pic's or course plans out yet but I managed a 5th place on Saturday and my first Clear round at a Kennel Club competition on Sunday earning me a 3rd place and a rosette!!


Me on Saturday night... very pooped!

Friday, 14 June 2013

M here....

M here - just to wish my wonderful chocolate boy a big 3rd birthday!

Unfortunately nothing special for the boy today but we plan to treat him later in the summer..

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Barony Demo Pt 2

Finally managed to get M to download the photos from the Demonstration we did a few weeks back so here are some of me taken by D (be kind he hasnt had much practise with the camera)

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I would have like to write a post about the adventures of the weekend but M has told me that I was such a bad boy I should boast about how exciting it all was!!

So instead let me tell you about bubbles.....

Bubbles float around.
M blows them up and I chase them around.
Sparkles of the rainbow in them I see
As they glisten in the sunlight.  
When hitting my nose, or being eaten they all burst.
M puts in the wand and pulls out more bubbles,
For chasing them round seems to slow me down.