Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Finally Agility Videos

Here are some video's from a few weeks ago....

These are Cadbury's..

and Maverick's.... as you can see he really struggles with concentration!!


Monday, 28 September 2015

2nd Birthday

So, M still hasnt managed to upload the video's from the last agility comp and we've had another one on Sunday!!!

However, Saturday was Maverick's 2nd Birthday!

Maverick deciding not to look at the camera..
As his breeder is so close by we decided that we would have a birthday party, unfortunately some of the puppies are now quite a way away, so there were 4 out of 7. Maverick, Bailie, Willow and Holly were there, and missing were Angus, Bungle and Hamish.
Holly and Maverick

Bailie and Maverick

All of us posing for a piccy - arent we good!!

We all had a really long walk and play, and then our humans had a BBQ - it smelt really nice, here we are lining up to get some goodies...
L-R: Willow, Bramble (Mum), Holly, Cadbury (step brother), Maverick, Tay (step sister), Bailie 

M had made us a doggy birthday cake, which we all took quite carefully although M did end up with bitten fingers!!

Maverick, Willow, Tay, Bramble, Cadbury and Holly - dont know where Bailie is??

Cadbury, Holly, Bramble, Willow, Maverick

The humans cleared up while we all had another play, then we all went home for well earned sleep. Thanks A, C, J, M and D!

Sunday was an agility comp - just a fun one where we train.  I got a 3rd and a 1st in agility, but Maverick didnt get anything!! 


M was a bit annoyed with him in the morning as he was running round being silly, but by the afternoon he'd calmed down a bit but his agility course was very difficult so M decided she would change it so that he could have a positive run. She was pleased that he managed most of the difficult turns.
Thanks to J for the pics - M says its getting difficult to tell us apart in pics now as Maverick is jumping so well.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Catch up

Well whats been happening.....

M has been out with Maverick again trying to swim/bank hop but unfortunately the tide was too low to do much of either but she's going to try and go back for another go, M did find there was bits of quick sand so it will be easier with a higher tide.

Maverick has also been to another agility comp, with better success although he still would like to go off and see everyone but hes getting better.

Maverick has also been to a gundog scurry, which he did very well coming top 10 in the novice one day and the 7th in the open the next. A scurry is a timed retrieve of a dummy. In the novice class it is a fired shot then dummy thrown into undergrowth (past a foot height fence) which is retrieved, in the open class it is a fired shot with a dummy thrown and then as the dog is bringing it back a second is thrown in its place which they then have to retrieve 'blind'.
M is trying to find out whether she and Maverick can take part in a shoot picking up later in the season - that's exciting!

The full height jumps came out at training last night as both Maverick and I (Cadbury) have got a competition at the weekend. Its local so no camping but its all weekend, its also inside so we don't have to deal with the weather which this summer has been terrible!

M said I was very good last night she even managed to do some distance handling which she didn't think she could do, so she's hoping that I stay confident in the ring and jump well.
Maverick also managed full height last night although he was so enthusiastic that he ended up hitting the top of the tyre jump and biting his tongue - bless him!

He also had various other scraps from his energetic style last night but M was still happy with his progress he was up for listening instead of running off to the other dogs (apart from when we went off to do 'our own thing')

M's just got to remember to have fun at the weekend - we're going to video the runs so I'll post them on here next week.