Monday, 30 September 2013

More excitement

The weekend was full of excitement for both me and M, D will have to wait on the excitement front...

On Saturday M had entered us in a charity DogOlympics to raise money for our local dog rescue - Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue. It was held at a local equestrian centre and there were 15 different events you could have a go at. 
It was very well organised... you could do the activities on or off lead and it was brilliant. The sun even came out!!

 Go here to see some photos of this event:

on Sunday the agility group got together for some pre-show training so all the pack leaders know what was expected of them on the day , which was good fun as I got to run some courses and see all my pawsome pals.
and... then M got to go and visit Bramble and see the 8 pups!!

Friday, 27 September 2013


Warning - M is about to take over the blog....

M here, so I've managed to nick the laptop back of Cadbury, cause I thinks it my time to update today.

Cadbury isn't aware of this yet, but he will hopefully soon have a baby brother! 

His real mum Holly-Dog had a lovely little litter of chocolate bundles last weekend and yesterday his "girlfriend" Bramble (he didn't do the deed) had a rather larger litter of choc and black bundles. 

They are all doing really well!

Heres Holly's litter on their first visit to the vet...


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More competitions

Another weekend of competition this weekend, and M was thankful it was slightly better than last weekend.

It was wonder weather - so I was allowed to sunbathe in the garden whilst M helped out as ring party.
Unfortunately she was so engrossed in the job she didn't hear that her course was ready for walking so missed the chance... she ended up getting the course explained my another group member before running it with me... but we still ended up with a 4th!!! A pole down but INSIDE the time M was ecstatic! and she said I must be speeding up because I still had time for a quick sniff half way round the course!

Sunday wasn't as good - there were too many smells for me to contain my nose, I did do some lovely courses with no running off but
1) I didn't wait on the first course so I took the wrong direction and got an elimination
2) second course was a jumping round but I couldnt run past the tunnel without going through it... elimination 
3) third and final course I got 5 faults cause I missed the last contact running for the end of the course and I'd sniffed sooo much I was 2 sec over the course time as well - M wasnt really impressed but better than last week!

Next week is the last comp for a while - we're at 2 fun shows, one is a dogolympics and the other is a trial run for the groups big fun show in October - so all the humans know how to do the jobs.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Another day...

Sunday was the second day of competition and for us it was an early start.. Both M and I were awake and ready to start at 5:30 with the wind blowing hard against the tent!!

So up we got and had breakie, took the tent down and the garden as M said with the wind it might blow away and then we went for a walk (while it was quiet)

M was impressed with me cause I was being calm and listening well - bonus! However by the time it got to my first run I just couldnt keep the excitement in... no photos of me cause I just ran round in circles in the ring... M walked out!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear I was in bad books again after yesterday, no treats and even A wouldn't fuss me!
my mate Don

Second run was a little better although I really didn't want to do the 2 sets of weaves so got lots of time faults and 15 faults, but I managed to do all my contacts quite nice.

A and Meg
the third run of the day was horrible, with sideways rain and gale force winds. It was a nice jumping course which I managed quite well although I missed the last weave! I did however run out the ring to retrieve my lead as I saw the lady move it from where M had put it!!
The judge was very nice though as that should have been an E and he didn't :-) I even got 2nd place in that one, but M's not telling anyone!

Monday, 16 September 2013

A mixed bag

A weekend of agility is what M had in store for me over the last couple of days.. although as she says I wasn't up for it!

Saturday M decided not to go for an early start as our only class of the day was scheduled for about 3pm. So we got up and M packed the car and popped me in my harness and off we went.

M was quite surprised when we got to the show ground as there weren't that many people there but the weather forecast for the weekend had been pretty bad, although the sun was shining at that point!

I got to go for a wander and sniff, and to do my business before M popped me back in the car while she put up the tent and set out the garden. Apparently I would have just got in the way! The cheek!!

After that we went for a walk around the rings and to see what friends I could find, well M found lots of friends but most of mine were having a break in their gardens. M decided to take me on the practise ring as I seemed quite distracted - as I was, there were lots of great smells.... It didn't go well I just had a mad run around the ring for a while and then M put me over the contacts which I got first time!

So the afternoon drew on and it came to my run of the day - I did the first few jumps well and I got my see-saw contact nice but then as I was completing the dog walk I got distracted by some lovely sheep muck and went for a bite... M was not impressed so put me back over the dog walk which got me eliminated and then to keep my attention off the floor she was racing me round which meant I was just too excited for the A-frame and jumped off before I was supposed to.
M was quite disappointed in me!

but we both went for a snooze later and she let me snuggle up for a while...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Catch Up

I know its been a couple of weeks since my last post but with M & D back at work not much has been happening.

I've been out and about the usual places and M & D have been working on my gundog work. I have also heard whispers about them borrowing a starter pistol but we'll see.

I'll be updating a bit over the next few weeks as M has booked me in for several competitions - yippee!