Sunday, 29 December 2013

Beds part 2

Whos nicked my bed???

Oh Yeah, Mavericks nicked it!!!

Look how big Mavericks getting now...

Monday, 23 December 2013


Maverick has a new bed...

When he's not in his cage for a "time out" he is meant to be settling down in his own little bed...

However, I seem to have lost my big bed to Maverick, and I'm stuck with the little one....

This is not on and things will have to change! I am going to tell him but I think I'll leave it till after Christmas...

M will post piccies of this most hilarious bed swap (will M  & D think its hilarious) soon!!

Hopefully she'll take her camera away with us for Christmas so we can have lots of uploads in the new year.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Hi All
Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while M has been busy with the computer and I couldn't paw it away from her...

With Christmas looming its a busy time of year for us all so I missed agility this week but I'll be back to it in new year.

Maverick went to the V.E.T.S for the first time at the weekend and M said he was a very good boy. He loved the attention and stood very quietly for the V.E.T to listen to his heart. He passed his check with flyer colours and has put on another kg in weight - 6.3kg now!!


Wednesday, 11 December 2013


M & D thought they would do a comparison this week as Maverick is now 10 weeks old - the same age as I was when they got me!!

Unfortunately they didn't keep track of my weight so they cant compare that but they are comparing photos...

Heres the first two.

M says she cant believe how different we look from each other - you can certainly tell us apart. Maverick is the top one and thats me looking all sad at the bottom...

On another note I was back at agility last night to look at a very hard course and M was very pleased with me.. her skills need a little adjustment though ;-)

Maverick came with us to meet all the dogs and humans, he was very well behaved although was put in his place by Mac! A had brought along Angus and Willow so after the session they all had a play with me, bramble and roxy - it was great!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Play time

Come on play with me..

you know you want too...

I can copy you as well..

See I knew you wanted to play..

Ooo I love you!!

Monday, 2 December 2013

He's Growing

M disappeared for this weekend, she said it was because it was E's birthday but I know it was because she needed SLEEP!

I need SLEEP! although M & D are taking Maverick away during the day so I can have some peace and quiet to chew my bone without him running off with it - the Cheek!

M got back on Sunday and couldn't believe how much maverick had grown - she says he's grown in all directions... shame about his brain - he's being a right little pain

D was meant to weight him but I don't know if he did.. he sure gets fed a lot though!

Thankfully he's getting better with the toilet - M only got up twice last night to let him out and there were no nasty smells this morning.

M's taking him to puppy class tonight - just to watch as he's still not had all his jabs but he'll see lots of puppies for the first time so that will be exciting... hope she takes some photos.

Friday, 29 November 2013

An Update

 What you doing M?
 Hey thats my cow!
 Ooo something interesting over here...
 No! Its still my cow!
See told you its MY cow!!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Work with M

Maverick here again...
So after Mondays trip to work with D, M decided to take me yesterday as I'm too wee to stay at home...

M said I was much better in the car today, she was really pleased that I settled.

I met loads of people, big ones, small one and in-betweeny ones - they were all fussing me and it was VERY tiring, by the end of the day I was falling asleep in anyones arms.

M was going to take me to agility with Cadbury to meet everyone, but I fell asleep while they were making tea and didn't notice them leaving... M says next time I can go as I'll be bigger and had my important jab.

Here's me and Cadbury playing tuggy this morning...
Hang on, let me get hold of it:
Right I've got it, give it a pull:
 Yeah, I'm winning look M:
 Told ya, I'd win - exhausted time for a lie down:

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Welcome Maverick

Phew now I've caught up on some sleep and last night Maverick was a much better behaved boy... only woke us up twice!

Maverick is going to get M to write a bit for him now as he's a bit young to use the keyboard.
Maverick here, boy wow what a strange few days.. I'm not sure what's happened to my brothers and sisters but I have a new brother who is reaaallly big! He plays tuggy with me and bounces on me when I try to bite his ears and tail - thats reallly fun!!

M & D have been putting me in this big square thing that they call a car and taking me different places - I'm not liking that, it makes my tummy go all funny :-( but I'm meeting lots of these human things, and they are all Oooing and awwing, and giving me loads of fuss which is great.

M says I'm really good coming back and that i'm good on the lead although I can't really go anywhere yet as I need another jab first.

Here's some pics of me and Cadbury.
 First Meet and greet

Here I come......
 Snooze time..
 Hmm you've got a tasty treat - can I share it with you?

Monday, 25 November 2013


Boy, what a weekend!

Maverick has arrived and he's getting a bit of a handful...

M & D took me to pick him up but left me in the car so I didn't disturb the other pups, they weren't long and the brought Maverick out and popped him in my old crate in the back of the car... Ooo goodie the back seats still mine then!

He cried and cried, then he made a mess!! M & D say we've got to be patient with him cause he'd never been in a car before! but he was better once they'd cleaned him up...

M & D had to work so we both went with them as always... Maverick was allowed to wander about the office bit getting to know the place and then we had visitors... wouldn't you know it was D's mum and dad and Le.  I got fuss and a new toy, and I was allowed to play with Maverick for a bit but he wasn't really interested in it humph!

M & D took maverick outside every couple of hours which meant I could go and play too, with P and J. M said my football was too big for maverick to play with but he did try.

Sat night we visited B and L so maverick could meet Wispa - she wasn't impressed - grumpy guts! and D's car broke down so we all got to have a sleep over...... errm no a stay over... no sleep was had because maverick wouldn't stop crying!!

Sunday we were all very TIRED! So we had a chilling day at the workshop, which involved lots of sleep!!!

however, last night was another LOOOOOONG night. M & D tried a different tactic and tried to let maverick out every couple of hours for the toilet as he cries when he does this in his crate.... no surprise I would too...

So I still got NO sleep - thankfully the little monster is at work with D today so I can catchup on the important things and not be suckled and my tail bitten!!

Oh no photos because M forgot to leave the camera - brain not working with little sleep, maybe tomorrow **yawn**

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Wow another week has flown by, and I was back at agility training last night with M...

She could believe how good I was ;-) (she doesn't know how I can forget everything I've learnt in 2 weeks!!) 
After my first warm up (bonzai round the ring!) M put me back in the car for a "time out", which she says worked, as I was well behaved after that.... apart from my nose!

My nose has a mind of its own and gets me into all kinds of trouble - off sniffing for dropped treats or tasty morsels of horse/chicken droppings. For some reason M is not happy with me doing this during a course?! Any ideas for how I can keep my nose under control for 60 secs would be appreciated....

Maverick count down - 4 days!!!! = EXCITED