Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Competition Photos

M thought she would put together a collection of all different dogs that she could find competing... there were all these plus many more..



collie or an collie cross combinations


poodles, doodle crosses


small spaniel breeds


more spaniels



yes, this is a newfoundland!


retrievers (flat and curly coat)

Golden retrievers



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More competitions

Cadbury here -

Just spent the weekend away with M in the van.. she is trying to get me used to the cages in the back but has promised me that I won't have to travel in there.. I don't like it you see!

I had a bit of a mixed bag of good and bad moments over the weekend, we travelled down Saturday morning and due to roadworks M missed the turning and so we ended up arriving late, which M was not happy about as we were meant to be running quite early in two classes.

M decided she didn't care and would take her time getting me ready and letting me have a leg stretch before she went in to watch people running the courses as she hadn't had time to walk the courses before they started.

I had two ok runs - my first was a bit manic because I was all excited but my second was much better, so much so M got excited that I was going to go clear and then I got myself eliminated by touching the A-Frame at the wrong time. M was happy though as it had been a tricky course and I hadn't been silly and got all my contacts nicely.

That was all for me for a few hours, so M took me for a long walk and then popped me in the cage with my bed and bone while she went and took some photos (i'll pop them on here once she gets them sorted)

The afternoon I had another two courses to run, the first was a jumping course which I did really well, even with a tricky start, but took the long way round a jump losing time so I came 2nd 1 sec out of time. The second course was an agility course but I lost concentration at the beginning and went the wrong way so got myself eliminated but M was happy with the day overall.

We were staying on site overnight so we went for another long walk and them M got dinner and we settled in for the night.

Sunday was another day and I had another 4 courses to compete in, but there were quite a few of my friends around as well so I managed to have a play as well.

In the end Sunday was my best day with 2 2nd's and a 3rd, and I was only 4 sec off a 1st place so M was really pleased. Even my E was ok, as it was M's fault for not running fast enough!!

Can't wait to go away again in Nov!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Poorly Paw

Maverick has been in the wars.... well no not really he's been chasing me round and round, being a complete nightmare and v. annoying and has now managed to damage his pad on his back passenger side paw!

To start with there was a couple of niks out of it so M popped a sock on, taped up with vet wrap - she didn't think it would last long but Maverick wasn't bothered at all and carried on as normal...

Unfortunately it started to get worse as M & D couldn't control his manic moments so M asked A to pick up a set of dog boots and some sudacrem (other creams are available)

and so for the past 3 weeks Maverick has been getting cream on his foot 3x day and wearing his boot when out and about, and all was going well till he went to work with D on Monday. (Oh dear D, what have you done now!!)

D is currently working for a friend who has 4 dogs on site so they were all enjoying themselves and Maverick was out joining in with his boot on... 1/2 hr later D found him limping around the yard (still trying to enjoy himself) bootless... unfortunately the damage was done and he had a very swollen, sore paw! He was bundled into the car for a timeout...

 So its lots of cream and short walks for Maverick at the minute - he even missed agility on Tuesday (although we both did cause M was full of cold too!) Hopefully it won't take long for him to back tearing around the garden again!

Monday, 13 October 2014


Maverick here...

Well so I'm a few days behind tell you the next stage of our adventure for my birthday...

The following day M & D packed everything and everyone back in the car and we said our goodbyes and off we went...
We didn't stop for quite a while but when we did we were on a campsite... I know cause I've stayed on one before.. we had a quick walk before M & D put up the tent and we were allowed out of the car to investigate.

M & D then started getting changed and they put on some really posh clothes, popped us back in the car and off we went again... blimey, in -out - in - out

We pulled up at somewhere called a church and it was very busy... M & D got Cadbury and I sorted so I was in my crate and Cadbury was in the boot of the car as they were going to leave us a while apparently... there was lots of people all really dressed up.

M & D came back after a while and I found out that we were at a wedding... but we weren't allowed in the church - well that dogist I think!

M & D drove a bit further and then gave us a walk around some lovely lawns and woods - a good leg stretch and then popped us back in the car, they did apologise but doggies weren't allowed in the hotel either... that's why we were staying in the campsite down the road.

M & D kept coming back and giving us leg stretches and at one point in the evening we even went and met all the guests at the wedding and had some lovely fuss from them. Once M & D had got us back to the campsite we had a final walk of the evening before we all went to bed in the tent, that was cool!

The following day it was a looooong drive home with stops on the way to catch up with all the pee-mail and have a drink as it was quite warm.
Once we were home both Cadbury and I crashed out as it had been a busy weekend, even M & D went for a snooze!

Cadbury here.....
Guess what, I was at an agility competition yesterday and I came 1st!!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

1st Birthday

Hi Everyone,
Maverick here....

It was my 1st birthday last Friday!! Can you believe it a whole 12 months old...

M decided that as A emailed to say she would like some pictures of the litter now they are 1, she would try a photoshoot, but I really wasn't in the mood...
The first one was ok.. but then...

Cadbury decided to photobomb!!
and then I wouldn't stand still....
or just wouldn't stand, it all got very boring....
but to top off the day we went for a really loooooong drive down to see M's parents.... it was great, me and Cadbury got to share the back seat and slept most of the day (bliss)

Once we got to M's parents we were given a walk and allowed in the house, and around the garden as N's flower shows are over now...
We even stayed overnight, I was in my crate in the kitchen and Cadbury was in the car... we were very good boys!
I'll tell you about the following days adventures tomorrow....