Tuesday, 13 May 2014

First Agility Competition

Maverick here...

Just thought I'd tell you about my first agility competition staying away with M and Cadbury in the new camper...

It was great fun - I really enjoyed myself even though I wasn't allowed to do any agility. Apparently I'm too young to have a go as I'm still growing (lots) so I could damage my joints if I did!

We were supposed to go away on Friday night so when M got home from work she was dashing around the house - trying not to trip over us pair (we were getting excited as we knew something was happening)

Cadbury tried to explain that I wasn't going but M put my crate in the van so that was that I was going!! haha!!

Cadbury got the upper hand though as he was allowed to ride up front with M :-(

Anyway the van had made a few strange noises so M decided to wait till D got back from work to check it - which ended up really late so instead of heading off on Friday we went early Saturday morning.... yawn!

It took us a little while to get there but I slept most of the way but when we got there M setup the garden and all the gear before letting us out.. I desperate to go and investigate by then so off we went.. It was great 2 big fields for us to run and explore, with lots of poo in them.. Cadbury got really told off for eating it so I decided I'd just carry it around instead.

The weekend was spent either relaxing in the van sometimes with, sometimes without M and Cadbury, playing in the field and wandering round watching the other dogs do agility.

Cadbury was a good boy as well after he'd calmed down in his first run when he ran out the ring to something more interesting... he ended up with a 2nd, 5th and 6th place and M said she made more mistakes than Cadbury did so when it came to tidying up on Sunday evening M was still in high spirits but was glad when we all got home and collapsed in our beds snoring (M included although she probably wasn't snoring)