Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bad boy

After a good weekend, m & d decided to see if i could be trusted out of my crate at night....

They were really pleased with me as I had no accidents the first night however this is what they woke up to this mornin...

Yep you guessed it, I ripped up the kitchen floor overnight!! Don't think M & D are pleased with me this morning......


Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I'm afraid this is not a post from Cadbury about a 1st place or anything like that...

Its a post from me, Maverick about my First camping trip...

M & D packed the car full of stuff and put me and Cadbury in the back seat then we made the really looooong journey to see M's parents. I wasn't in my crate so had to be a good boy and not chew anything.

We got to the parent's and we were allowed to go in and say hello - I had be told to be on my best behaviour otherwise I would have to go back in the car. So, I had a quick sniff around and said hello to both of them and settled down for a snooze.

M & D had some food which smelled wonderful and swapped a few things from our car and then it was back in the car for a bit further...

M & D got out and let us have a quick investigate of the campsite - there were loads of people and other dogs... then it was back in the car while they put the tent up... Apparently Cadbury always gets in the way by standing on the tent while they try and put it up - that's sounds a grand game.

Here we are all settled in the tent..

M & D were really pleased with me this weekend for being such a good boy... we even managed some gundog training, and I always brought the dummy back!!

D's going to take me to some proper gundog training next weekend so I'll update you after that..

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

V.E.T etc

Maverick here....

I've been to the V.E.T again... this time M & D wouldn't give me breakfast first and left me there on my own - humph!!

The vet did nasty things to me but thankfully they made me all sleepy first!

M came and picked me up later the same day, I was sooo excited I almost wagged my tail off!! M said I had been a very good boy and finally gave me some food!!  I itch a bit down there at the minute and all the boy doggies keep coming over for lots of sniffs but that's fine cause that means I can play!!

M & D have got to keep me on my lead till the weekend to make sure my wound heals and then its all back to normal they say and the VET has checked and I'm healing nicely... although she told D that I'd been a bit of a baby with the injections... well, I just wanted a snuggle, cause I'm adorable!

Cadbury here... right my turn... another weekend, another competition..
2nd, 3rd and 6th places...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Work Buddies

I love coming to work with M and this is my best work buddy Tilly!!

licks Maverick

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Since our last post a few things have happened....

the agility season is in full swing so I've been training hard and had another couple of competitions. M is happy that I am settling down and not having as many M.A.D moments but unfortunately I fell off the dog walk at the weekend!
M thought I was ok but I've bruised myself so she's given me the week off so that I'm ready for our clubs fun show next weekend.
She has said if I'm not feeling right I don't have to take part but I don't really want to miss it - as its such good fun.

M has also been buying things... she's been and bought a campervan so that we don't have to sleep in a tent in -16oC over the winter... she's so thoughtful! There's a bit of work to do so that Maverick and I can have our own beds but its looking quite good..

Maverick has been to see the V.E.T and is no longer entire - but M & D say its for the best... he was a bit quiet on Monday night when he came home and thankfully he didn't want to chew my ears but unfortunately its not lasted long! he's back to his usual annoying self!

Maverick has also graduated out of puppy class, the clever boy and hopefully with take his bronze good citizen award in the summer before he turns 1!

He came with us to the agility competition last weekend - not to take part but to take in the atmosphere... M says it was good for him because it took him a while to settle down with so many dogs, people and stuff going on... She did manage to do a bit of simple agility with him in the training ring though - he was going over poles on the floor and went through the collapsible tunnel (with some effort and help from a nice lady D) - Cant wait for him to join in training - its going to be great fun!