Tuesday, 27 August 2013


This weekend M and D packed the truck with all my things and off we went on an adventure...

It was a noisy adventure this one, we were travelling in one of these

and towing an even noisier trailer behind us, I just don't know what M & D were thinking.

A couple of hours down the road we stopped and M & D let me out to do my business and have a wee wander round, then it was back on the road. We stopped a bit later and M & D loaded something heavy onto the trailer but I didn't get a chance to look.

Phew a couple more hours on and we finally got to the destination for the weekend.. M's parents house YIPPEEE... I finally saw what had been loaded on the trailer, it was a very interesting green box!

I really enjoy visiting M's parents cause they spoil me just a little bit, but not with naughty things but with fresh carrot, cucumber, beans and tomatoes I LOVE IT!!

While we were there D spent some time doing some training with me.. E also spent time getting me to fetch things in the garden which I great, I was really excited to see E!

Even M's dad spent lots of time with me in the garden although he made sure I didn't spoil any of his prize winning flowers!

The journey home was VERY long but M & D made sure we had plenty of stops for wee's and sniffs, and I was given a treat for being soooo good! 

Glad I've got the house to myself today so I can have a snooze! ZZZzzzzz

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Saturday we traveled to our local gamefair - Galloway Country Fair cause my friends the Galloway Gundogs were running what we call a Scurry. A timed competition aimed at finding the dog that retrieves a dummy or dummies in the fastest time.

This year it was set out so that a "seen" dummy was thrown into rough grass ready for the dog to retrieve and as the dog was returning that dummy a "blind" dummy (one they dont see) was thrown past a small brush fence into a brushed area.


I had four go's at this and failed every time. I realised after the first run that the second dummy was being thrown behind me as I was returning the first so instead of returning the first dummy I was going off to retrieve the second first...

By the 4th run, the guys throwing the dummies had worked out what I was doing and waited until I returned to M before throwing the second dummy (spoil sports!!)

We all had a fab day out though - I was completely shattered when we got home and slept!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Forest Walk

Before we went away a few weeks ago to the competition M took me on a long walk through the local manor estate.. They've got a fab forest and a lovely clean river..

Lots of nice smells here...
 What a view!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sad News

Just heard that one of my pawpals has passed over Rainbow Bridge... Toby was retired from agility last September so he could enjoy his later years injury free, unfortunately this was not to be and he developed a cruel tumour....

 Run free my friend, jump those clouds with ease and be ever watchful of your pack leaders.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


So for the last couple of days I've been at another agility competition... I was supposed to be at a Gundog test on Sunday but D had too much work on so M took me for a 3 hour walk and river play to try and wear me out for Monday/Tuesday... well she shouldn't have bothered...

Monday we travelled down with car full of camping stuff to Durham - 1 1/2 hrs
When we got to the site M put the tent up in the rain and then I got to go and sniff around, meet a couple of pawpals and generally wander taking in the atmosphere... most chilled I was!!

Later in the afternoon the weather cleared slightly for my first and only run of the day.. and M said I was brill! I broke my wait, which meant I miss judged the second jump - causing a lot of mess but then I did the rest of the course lovely.. but a few seconds over the time, cause I waited for M at the weave.. BUT I got first place!!!

Monday night I spent in the big marquee with M - she was involved in a quiz, I was kept amused by a lad on our table getting me to do tricks..

M took me to bed about 10:30 but I could sleep.... I had too much to think about! M started to get a bit annoyed as I was padding about the tent and she didn't get much sleep either!

Tuesday morning we got up and had breakfast - and went for a walk. Then M put me in the car so she could walk the first course. I didn't do too badly but I couldn't get the weaves right so got 10 faults and was a few seconds over the time but I can 3RD!!

My second run of the day was a good run and M was very pleased with me for getting my weave entry correct first time, but I ran past a jump (i wasnt looking) so got 5 faults, and i was still a little slow..but came 4th.
My third run of the day came a bit later and I got 5 faults for got to see the judge, and my mind completely wandered so I was sniffing and plodding round the course so was 32 secs out of time!! (thats a lot) but because it was a hard course I still came 2nd!!! as most dogs at grade 1 got eliminated... M was pleased with me but was thinking that my last run would be a write off as I had lost all concentration so she decided to put me in the car and cover the windows so I could get some sleep... 

My final run was a very tricky course and M thought it was a bit twisty turny for me but to her surprise (and everyone elses watching) I got a clear round.. A said at the end that the effort it took M to get me round the course she should have just jumped the course herself but M was very proud of me cause I'd been a good boy all day!! When I got back to the car I got a lovely chew for a treat!  I still had time faults but not as many as M thought so we came 1st!!!!

 Me and my trophies - the 2 x 1st places