Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bring on Christmas

So, with Christmas around the corner M had her christmas obedience party, and decided to take Maverick (humph!)

It was going to be BIG as there are now 20 dogs taking classes with the obedience group...

We had party games, fancy dress, presentations of awards and even a visit from santa for the pawsome doggies..

Here's maverick in his prize winning outfit...

Maverick has also now completed his final agility competition of 2015 and even though he travelled with L and Willow again this time his performance was not good....
He had some really nice bits but due to the weather it was difficult to go out for exercise and he's really turned off to weaves... more practise over the holidays M thinks!!

 This lovely weather turned into 4-5 inches of snow and with no snowploughs or gritters anywhere to be seen a 1 3/4 hr journey took 4 hours to get home.... roll on January!!